New Diablo 3 Artwork

Diablo enthusiasts have long despaired over the lack of new Diablo information, calling it a "Diablo Drought" (Google it), but there is now a few crumbs of new information in new screenshots that previously have been reported on and concept art released for the fans.

Images of the Barbarian, the mystical city of Caldeum as well as unknown towns and interiors.

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Maticus3573d ago

Oh that's amazing stuff :D

Leord3573d ago

Which one do you like the most?

Leord3573d ago

It's really cool with the details on the Caldeum picture. You could almost imagine they made it to use for 3D-modelling!

Could mean that they are indeed done with Act 1...

Dorjan3573d ago

I always love the artwork from the diii team!

Leord3573d ago

Yeah, as well as all Blizzard teams. Unsure if other developers are so generous with artwork...

kalos3573d ago

It appears Starcraft II is getting far more crumbs of information recently, but at least we're hearing something, and the game is going to be later.

Leord3573d ago

Yeah, one could only wish for the same treatment for S3, but I think it's because SC2 is so much more a multiplayer game, and they will weigh opinions of (some) fans more on SC2...

player_729853573d ago

I'm not really a Diablo fan, but the artwork is just amazingly beautiful!

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