@ CES: DoubleFusion's Epstein: Don't Count Sony Out Of The Console Wars Just Yet News that pre-holiday sales of Sony's PS3 console slipped year-over-year (in contrast to marked growth for the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft's Xbox 360) led some analysts to conclude that the PS3 is all but defeated in the next-gen console wars. Well, some big brand advertisers don't think so, according to Jonathan Epstein, CEO of DoubleFusion, one of the biggest in-game advertising agencies. He told me that in-game ad campaigns for the PS3 were in high demand, and that the company had "sold every impression we have on the console." (DoubleFusion also brokers ads on Nintendo's Wii, among other consoles.)

Epstein said that some of the hype about the PS3's demise is a little short-sighted: "People also said that the Wii was a fad when it first came out and was going to go away-and look at how successful it continues to be. From what I understand, the PS3 was designed to have a longer life-cycle than other consoles. The PS3 is a seven- to 10-year product-not a three- to five-year product."

Maybe the market could have supported long-term investments in expensive hardware a few years ago, but with little to no growth forecast for electronics purchases in 2009, Sony may have to revise its strategy if it wants the PS3 to really thrive.

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omega73568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

It is a 400-500$ console

it is like 4x as pricey as x360

With KZ2 and the eventual lineup of SW PS3 will win console war .

The price of PS3 will come down in 2009 and with the SW lineup i think it will win this war in 2009 and beyond


PS3 sales have jumped 40% over last year in USA

SONY said that NOV sales of last year was high since a price cut and a 40gig model of ps3 was launched last year in november

I think PS3 will have similiar sales in US in december(recession and a 400 console) but ofcourse higher sales in europe and Japan

No3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

I am a proud owner of a PS3 hold on i just need to pop out to game station....................... ....I am a proud owner of a XBOX360.

snipermk03568d ago

I guess people are making websites and blogs just to discuss the doom of the PS3.

Droid Control3568d ago

Sony need to cut the price, make a better controller, and a slimmer console.

ravinash3568d ago

All it really needs is a price drop to be in reach of more peoples budgets.

ravinash3568d ago

I don't think anyone is.
Why else are these so many anti PS3 articles appearing on this site.
If the people who have something against Sony thought the PS3 was out of the race, you wouldn't be seeing so many of the things.

The Killer3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

if ps3 was dieing then we wouldnt see ant sony/ps3/blue ray campaign like we do now, its only the sign of the weak to take its small chance to attack the big when things for the big doesnt go smoothly!

MS is a very dirty company, they pay a lot of money for some media(websites,magazines etc) to bad mouth sony/blue ray/ps3 and give ps3 exclusives lower reviews and give 360 exclusives higher reviews!

its an old trick, if i had so much money to waist and i was dirty person i will do the same and even worst!!

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