CES 2009 - BDA says downloads and Blu-ray can co-exist

BDA: downloads and Blu-ray can co-exist...

BDA not scared of digital download...

Since its inception in 2006, sceptics have believed that Blu-ray is merely an interim format soon to be usurped by digital downloads.

This isn't the case, according to the BDA, who don't see downloadable content as a rival to the format but something that compliments it.

"Blu-ray can co-exist with downloads," explained Andy Parsons of the BDA, speaking at CES. "Downloads are a temporary content, which are best for renting. There's nothing better than buying an actual product. There's no need for one to kill the other."

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omega73662d ago

It makes up 0.3% of total movie revenues.

It will never take off. People might choose DD over renting but very few prefer renting actually

DD wont taka off in 10 years or perhaps ever

people like purchasing disc

TDK 's DD revenue was just 0.1% of the total

Capt CHAOS3662d ago

I also don't rent any more as downloads are safer (you don't have to worry about returning the DVD) etc.

omega73662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

You do know that DD makes up 0.3% of total movie sales vs 14% on blu ray and Blu Ray has already overtaken DVD in Japan.

It used to be 0.5% in June

It is just MS fanboy dream

DD is dead just like HD DVD
It will never take off in 100 years

I bought 5 blu rays on boxing day and so did 99% of other people --who purchased either Blu ray or DVD

MS is finished and so is its fanboy dream DD

people dont like renting and so DD has no future

thereapersson3662d ago

Omega = NASIM

Anyway, this article is obvious considering that there are many Blu-Ray releases now that also contain a digital copy of the same movie.

I really think the DD adoption rate is still really low, though.

omega73662d ago

DD makes up 0.3% of total sales. used to be 0.5% in June

DD wont take off in 100 years since most DD movies are not even HD and u are only renting a movie for a day or 2 which is also lame

Blu ray overtook DVD in Japan and has 14% marketshares in USA in 2008

FantasyStar3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I want a word with you.
Netflix wants a word with you.
XBL Marketplace also wants a word with you.
PSN Video Store also would like a word with you.
Blockbuster definitely wants a word with you.

DD and BRDs can co-exist. DVDs and DD has done well so far.

harrisk9543662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I agree that DD is not going to take off any time soon, but it is probably inevitable 15 to 20 years from now once the technology, quality and average internet speeds increase. Who could have imagined that music would be almost completely digital 10 years ago? It took a long to overtake CDs. Think about when Napster started everyone was on dial-up modems. As more people moved to broadband, Napster (and imitators took off). Then Apple devised a good business model (iTunes) that ended up being successful beyond anyones imaginations at the time. Plus, a whole generation got used to the DD of music over time because they grew up with it... .... DD of movies will eventually be the norm, but not now. Before it can take off, DD will need to offer what physical media offers in terms of quality and features (b/c think about the extras you get with DVDs and Blu-ray that you don't get with DD)and people need to have the hard drive space and bandwidth to handle it... not to mention the DRM issues! How bad is it when you own something but can't share/lend it or sell it? Until those issues are resolved, the best DD will be good for is rentals.

I LOVE my blu-rays... i have about 20 movies and DD doesn't come close for me right now.

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No3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

No they can't their for I'll take DD over Blu-ray even though i have only a ps3. Also i like to point out i leave in the FAST LANE and blu-ray is to slow so it doesn't give me a nice clean Image.

thereapersson3662d ago

You aren't fooling anyone; You don't have a PS3.

omega73662d ago

You dont own a PS3

You own an x360 which has RRODed and burned ur parents to death

DD is a fanboy dream which makes up 0.3% of total movie sales vs 14% on Blu Ray

In Japan DD doesnt even make up for 0.1% of total movie revenues despite having the fastest internet service.

Blu Ray has already overtaken DVD in Japan if u are unaware

Lucreto3662d ago

DD will only appeal to some. I have a 60" TV so I will always buy or rent. It is crazy that someone would want to use their PC to want movies.

I have over 200 DVDs and I have 20 BDs and it is growing. I am waiting for the release of the 4 Die hard film and the 4 Indiana Jones films come to blu-ray.

thereapersson3662d ago

Don't forget about LOTR: Blu-Ray edition!

I cannot wait for that.

Calcio3662d ago

"It is crazy that someone would want to use their PC to want movies."

Why, with piped fateening and Mb/s rising the on demand principle is very much on the cusp of being huge. With PCs becoming part of the digital living room, getting movies from the (now simple) home server to the TV will be a cinch.

Media is media - and increasingly the internet is the most convenient manner of getting what you want when you want it.

zoydwheeler3662d ago

I just bought a laptop with Blu-ray and HDMI output - and it is going to fundamentally change the way I buy/watch/rent movies.

Lucreto3662d ago

To each his own I guess

I for one won't be using a PC as a TV and proper HD content won't fit on movie collectors hard drives. There need to release at least 100TB drives before I even consider it.

Broadband is poor here at leass. Steam depending on the game will take 6 or 7 houses for a small file.

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NaiNaiNai3662d ago

in the end DD will wind, why theres more digital copys of everything then hardcopy. it may not sell more but there is deffently more of it on the market. why are there no numbers for it, most of its illegal. look at the music industry.

Rs3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Huh!? Your way more difficult to understand than a dog. What DD more bluray less cause this and that. You know I should call you blahblahblahFUK! from now on...

Stop commenting when you don't even know WTF your trying to explain. Whenever you commented on something you look real stupid!

LeonSKennedy4Life3662d ago

CHILDREN! Calm down!

We have punctuation now. It's really nice. You should try it.

NaiNaiNai3662d ago

i was making a summery.

there are more digital copys of things or (DD) then there are hard copys or (disks), the reason why, look at the music industry, theres more DD copys of songs then there are lagit CD or (hard copys) going out, pirates or torrents, or what ever reason you want to say. hard copys may sell more. but Digital copys have been accepted much better. its just the pricing is wrong. most people dont want to spend a 1$ on a song. they would rather just download it. takes like 30 seconds to find it. same for a movie, you can torrent a movie with full features in less then 5 hours. instead of spending 15-30 bucks to get it. simple. digital copys are in the lead, but not in the lead of selling.

Rs3661d ago

What a bull load of crap I've seen in a long while. Its difficult to comeby a human with such supidity. Why don't you just make everything sound more sensible? Whereby because M$ is about to support DD that a dog like you have to follow. Short and describing.

Anyway, stop being a Hikikomori, its about time you start to think out of the box and head out the light to see the reality. Its sad to see yet another victim of M$ screwing your head loss. You poor soul.

NaiNaiNai3661d ago

where the FCK does M$ come into this, are they doing something i dont know, sorry But A. i did not read the aricle. and B. M$ isnt and never will be the only company to do DD, so get your facts straight before attacking me k SDF. DD is by far more popular then any hard copy, tell me its, not and ill link every bloody torrent site i can find, or direct download, p2p network and so on, that put the hard copy sales to shame, when you can just torrent search the word bleach and get 2000 host and 4500 downloaded for something thats been out for 3 hours. or go torrent search a popular band and find thousands of downloads, it proves that DD is more popular, like i said, maybe not market wise, but for the fact that theres more yes. there is and always will be. so tell me again how i supporting M$ when it has nothing to do with how much it sells. your just being a ignorant SDJ whos pissed that i know what im talking about. go talk about how great your WKC sales are even though its being beaten by a psp game made by the dying SE.

Rs3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Here's the article if you didn't read!
Its true that M$ ain't gonna be the only company to use Digital Downloads. But what your trying to indicate here is utter bullock crap that even a newbdog could tell you just how wrong you are. You base illegal and FREE downloads against Blu-ray that cost people buying. And, straight you come into conclusion that digital downloads will be there to wipe the floor clean base on how many pirates using.
Companies revolves $$$ and their DND products gonna cost you to pay! Or do you actually think that its free like p2p service and such, where pirates could just go out there and leech what they want without a second thought. Those low-life bastards leeching whatever sh!t they want because its FREE !!! What about when things start to cost!? And, I haven even started to what I predict when legal companies using DND. Illegal DND will soon to eat a feast of sh!t.

Like I said before and I'd say it again, its about time you start to think out of the box and head out the light to see the reality. Anyway KID, my 5yo cousin watch Bleach, lame cartoon sicken me!

NaiNaiNai3661d ago

kid reality is that pirates will never stop. they will always be around, and since that part is true, downloads will always be ahead of hard copys. no matter what. i keep telling you sales dont matter herer online. you dont know how many people are downloading music, games and movies. trust me, its way more then people who actually buy it, and even if people actually buy the item, most of those people install it on to there HDD or other flash devices, thus its no longer a hard copy. you dont seem to see the point where im coming from, im the one out of the box im looking at all the angles, you are stuck in sales. and a false sense of security.

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Joey Greco RULES3662d ago

i give it a few years, tops.

meepmoopmeep3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

are you trying to imply that in a few years physical media will be obsolete?

good luck with that.

i agree that they can co-exist as they are now.
key word "co-exist"

Joey Greco RULES3662d ago

DD may not be all that mainstream, but Digital Media as in NON PHYSICAL media is going strong. Streaming is the big thing right now. What I was trying to say, is I think actually DOWNLOADING a movie(DD) will be mainstream, and possibly dominant, in a few years.

Physical media will always co exist. Hell, VHS and polaroid instant film JUST died off in 2008. :)

meepmoopmeep3662d ago

oh ok, just making sure what you were saying.

Rhythmattic3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Call Me old fashioned.

I like to Hold what I buy.

DD is for me a medium to enjoy a TV Series and Movie I know I dont want to OWN. You know, no repeat viewing.... (I'll even watch them on My HD 23" Computer Display)

But for the Titles I want to continually enjoy, in TRUE Hi Def (eg. Matrix, Batman, Fith Element, Casino Royale, 300 etc ) Blu Ray is NOW my only option on my 50" (Full HD) Pana Plasma.

What? dont they get it ?

Nuff Said.

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