Inescapable – No Rules, No Rescue review - Games Asylum

Games Asylum: "This interactive visual novel, henceforth just called Inescapable, is set on a tropical desert island. You find yourself kidnapped along with ten other seemingly unrelated individuals and forced to participate in a six month long social experiment. Think Love Island with a murderous Big Brother twist. At the end, as the last person standing, you’ll receive half a million Euro. There are no rules, and no laws are in force other than the usual reality TV impositions – such as messing with equipment. Other than that, pretty much anything goes."

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Review | Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue (PC) - 8Bit/Digi

Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue is an engaging thriller that is always keeping the player on edge.

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Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue Review - Dangan-ripoff | GameLuster

With some of the worst writing, voice acting, dialogue, and misleads in the history of video games, this rip-off of Danganronpa is an achievement unto itself.

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Review - Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue (Switch) | WayTooManyGames

WTMG's Fernando da Costa: "Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue is the definition of a hidden gem marred by choices made. Where the art’s gorgeous, and the still CGs are beautiful, the pacing is bothersome. I wouldn’t recommend it to a casual player of VNs. It becomes evident that, unless you love exposition that gives everyone dimension, mileage will vary but likely veer towards boredom. It’s a shame because it’s delightful, and the majority of characters are memorable, but it takes too long for the nitty-gritty to begin."

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