IncGamers: Difficulty In Retro Games

IncGamers' Peter Parrish looks at how games' difficulty levels have changed over the years.

Parrish writes:

"Sometimes this is self-inflicted - playing on anything below 'normal' difficulty (where offered) is just asking for disappointment. You select 'pathetic worm' and the game reacts accordingly. What else do you expect to happen? Even on supposedly tougher levels, however, there can be a sense of numbness upon completion. Of wistful longing. A yearning for a time where games really made you graft and struggle and curse."

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Leord4202d ago

I remember MegaMan and other old classics. You needed to do every little combination close to perfect. That's skill =)

AndyA4202d ago

Good article. There's nostalgia and there's rose tinted glasses when it comes to retro gaming.

Dorjan4202d ago

what was that item below the character in that video?

Maybe that item would've helped!

Dorwrath4202d ago

lol, you just collected the items. That's it, they didn't do anything.

Maticus4202d ago

Haha, very nicely written :)

riksweeney4202d ago

Some games were never really designed to be finished. A classic example is Xenon on the Amiga. The developers never expected anyone to be able to finish the game so they didn't bother putting in a ending.

The game crashes when you finish it ;)

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