CES: Sony accused of being like 'crazy ex-girlfriend'

"What do they have that I don't have?" cries Sony in latest PS3 spin...

The worst kind of public relations is to attempt to point out the flaws of your competitors, instead of concentrating on promoting your own strengths.

Sony has been shockingly guilty of committing this PR sin at CES 2009, issuing a press release pointing out the weaknesses of Nintendo's Wii and Microsoft's Xbox 360, in comparison with the (admittedly) feature-rich PlayStation 3.

"Sony sent out a press release that attempted to set the tone of the console debate," wrote Wired's gaming correspondent Chris Kohler this week, adding, hilariously: "Apparently this year's tone will be "crazy ex-girlfriend.""

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Mr_Bun3663d ago

Those are some massive teeth in the pic

Nineball21123663d ago

Yeah, she sorta resembles a donkey.

TheTwelve3663d ago

Agreed. How do you kiss that chick...tongue would hit a teeth-wall.


Cwalat3663d ago

If Sony is a crazy ex girlfriend... Then W T F is Microsoft??

i mean, we see about 20 articles every week, how Microsoft babbles on about Sony PS3 failing and blu-ray failing.... PPL just approves of those stories like everyday breakfast, but when Sony goes ahead and says ENOUGH is, ENOUGH... Then ppl go berserke with their excaguration.

What .... Is... Wrong.. With .. People.. These days?

die_fiend3663d ago

lol agreed with all the above. That picture is horrendous and it should be sterilised to prevent it breeding. If that's the state of your ex-girlfriend, you're doing something drastically wrong in life.

Aaron Greenturd3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

If Sony is "the crazy ex-girlfriend", then my company is the drunk step-dad who beats your mother and then comes after you when you stand up to him...

and in the morning he acts like nothing happened.

chrisnick3663d ago

i like a little bit of fugly.

DA_SHREDDER3663d ago

Microsoft is like a Stripper. She does anything to please someone, shes got tons of money and shes a whore.

gaffyh3663d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAH MS has been doing this since the PS3 was released (Proof = Everything that comes out Aaron Greenburg's mouth) and weren't accused of anything. Sony just pointed out the truth and there is an Anti-PS3 article the next day. LMAO. Shows how biased some sites are.

Dread3663d ago

that is funny

the experts here at n4g have been saying that one of the reasons they hate ms is because they always have to talk about sony instead of their own product.

this article is mystifying.. how could it be

Sony never talks about the competition.. according to the sony fans here at n4g Sony has better character than that right?

i hope this puts an end to that silly notion that Sony only discusses its own products.

sorry sackboys the truth is that both Sony and MS jab each other all the time..its part of business.

Rs3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

That was a good one Aaron Greenturd!

Saigon3663d ago

i dont know if anyone has noticed...but sony has done this every year at CES...and this year makes no different...but to all I agree about the double standard with MS...

Viper73663d ago

Both sony and microsoft are very immature in this. While Nintedo doesnt even comment the competitors systems or games, beeing in more "mature".

Dunno, maybe this is the American way of doing business? Buy our products and screw others type of thing.
Well I dont really hold any value on what neather of themselves say about their competitors. They can talk all they want but I want action instead of random babling.

shyam1520073663d ago

Microsoft crashing the French Playstation 3 launch...

Comparable to a crazy ex-girlfriend 'coincidentally' turning up @ your first date with another girl :P

SL1M DADDY3663d ago

Sony spouts off once about the flaws of the "other" systems and they have an article written bashing them and calling them something as nasty as an ex-girlfriend but MS posts weekly PR spin claiming Sony's faults and they remain unscathed by the media? Yeah, and what was that about there being no media conspiracy again?

prowiew3663d ago

It should be funny to the press, because everyone on the press knows the difference between ps3, 360 and wii(i hope). Common sony, you could do better thant that. How about this:
a press release showing three picture side by side. First Mario game on wii, second Halo 3 and last Killzone 2. Then saying, "this is what ps3 can do!". Pay me the big bucks!

Alvadr3663d ago

That picture is gonna give me nightmares..

With regards to the article, Sony is throwing mud at its competitors.. You telling me Microsoft has not done that before?

evrfighter3663d ago

what exactly would you get from comparing mario with killzone 2?


Eye candy seems to be the new flavor of the month...2009/2010 is really gonna suck if devs start thinking this way.

eagle213663d ago

I like the end of the film. I hope the same for MS. :)

Mr VideoGames3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

i still read Articles everyday on N4G and got damn you guys say the funniest sh*t ever haha i laughed my ass off when you guys replied to the aticle with soulja boy and the video game hahaha love you guys, love N4G haha.

and yes this B*tch in the picture needs to be captured and killed before she reproduces.

Elven63663d ago

People on N4G seem to have short term memory, before the PS3 launched dating back to the PS1 do you guys remember how co**y and arrogant they were? Going as far as spreading a rumour (They didn't kill it, they went with it) that the PS2 could be used to set off WMD's!

harrisk9543663d ago

MS does nothing but criticize Sony, including the recent "prediction" that Sony will drop the PS3's price shortly. Sony RARELY attacks MS or Nintendo. As a matter of fact many of us have been waiting for Sony to at least trumpet the benefits of the PS3 over the competition. That is all that Sony did. They didn't bash anyone, they simply pointed out the benefits without bashing the competition. They even say. "The Xbox 360 and Wii offer a set of features in their own right." It was certainly not close to the bullsh!t that MS spouts about Sony.... As another example, why is there no "outcry" when Apple has TV ads bashing Windows? Why is there such a double standard with Sony?

FrankenLife3663d ago

This article was written as if they are in some way surprised. Both companies have done this a lot. They are in competition with each other. It is like we will never have an election with no negative ads. At least Sony's slander this time was a list of facts instead of opinion. They brought a ruler to this size contest.

The only company that doesn't really do this is Nintendo. They too busy waving their arms like an idiot. Albeit an idiot with lots and lots of money.

dantesparda3663d ago

So when Aaron Greenburg spews his sh!t all the time its ok, right? but when Sony does it once out of the 50 times MS has done it, its wrong right?

But the media isnt biased right? And this shows the perception of reality that the 360 fanboys have. But its the PS3 fanboys that are messed up and delusional right?

I noticed that the 360 fanboys are always complaining about N4G being a joke, yet very other site on the internet is just as full of fanboys as N4G is, but since N4G is a place where there is alot of Sony fanboys then its a joke, right? Hypocrisy! Gotta love the fanboys

DRUDOG3663d ago

All I can say is: nostrils...

The Lazy One3663d ago

think about that... really... think about that...

acedoh3663d ago

how some people think this is negative. This is done in business all the time. Have you ever seen automobile commercials that point out price difference or quality. How about computer commercials(Apple vs. Microsoft anyone?). Even commercials for restaurants. This happens all the time and is an effective way to advertise your product. When I was in sales I always used comparisons. When you are selling a more expensive product you really have to educate the consumer and that is what SONY is doing. It's not like they are making comments about the 360's reliability or the Wii's lack of mature games...

cmrbe3663d ago

Sony states that the PS3 has more features out of the box and cost less than comparable upgraded competitor consoles and now Sony is a crazy ex-girlfriend?. LMAO!!.

The PS3 is like a girlfriend that ask alot from you but when you get it you get it good. The type of girl that will be loyal to you long term.

The wii is underage and the x360 is a cheap ass hooker.

Raz3663d ago

The only company that hasn't engaged in this sort of polite bashing is Nintendo (as far as I know). And they're out front in sales, so I guess they don't have to.

Anyway, how is this sales technique 'bad PR'? Touting your product's virtues and comparing it to the competition? Seems pretty standard to me. I don't hear anyone complaining when Bounty compares their towels to the leading brands...

Besides - while you might question their motives in pointing out certain things; Sony didn't say anything that was untrue, did they? ^_^

DaTruth3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

That rumor was blown out of proportion. It was actually true. The original playstation2 could be used as a missile guidance system in crude rockets like the ones used by Hamas.
They had the original chipset removed in the PS2 and replaced with a Pentium 2, which is why the PS2 wasn't as powerful as they said it would be and why it was delayed in everywhere but Japan. The Japanese games were better because of this.

@CMRBE: Lol!!! So true!

@Below: If PS3 is 20, 360 is 35 and chain smokes(with that voice that all chainsmoking middle age chicks have) and showing her age... To the point of actually dieing on you while doing it! But you're right in one respect, those cougars are fun.
P.S. You sound like a huge fanboy, in the way you pretend that only 360 is fun and no one could possibly have fun with a PS3.

AAACE53663d ago

MS is the "Hot" young girlfriend that's not as reliable and faithful as Sony, but you know you will have alot of fun with her while you are with her.

Sony is showing her age, and all the make up and implants can't make her as appealing as she used to be!

What do you treasure more? Do you like your old car, or do you like that fresh new car at the dealership?

Ooooohhh! I should have kept my mouth shut. The fanboys will definately get pissed about this comment... even though it's just general logic! Bye,bye bubbles... i'll miss you!

Mini Mario3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Why does it say that the wii doesnt have a hard drive or hdmi output>?

When it has both....

LoL at the "limited online" (they really are getting petty). I still prefer the virtual console/wii ware over the psn store at least.

MNicholas3663d ago

with his absurd PR piece from a couple of years ago that was "published" on IGN and his own web-site and then promoted through guerrilla marketing on dozens of blogs and forums?

Sony PlayStation 33663d ago

You are right, the Wii does have HDMI ;)

Hindered Diluted Mediocre Image - Quality

Mini Mario3662d ago

"1.34 - @ Mini Mario
You are right, the Wii does have HDMI ;)

Hindered Diluted Mediocre Image - Quality"

O another expert. SO tell me why all the games i have for the ps3 only run at 720p>???...Reseistance 2 for of their "big hitters". The wii runs as 480P, O big difference. How petty are you.

I run all 3 of my systems on a 46" 1080p bravia and u can hardly tell that much of a difference. Mario galaxy looks awesome in 480p, and i doubt it wouldve looked that much better in 720 (like most ps3 games)

Your just another typical fanboy.

Maddens Raiders3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

The media and MSFT are scared/confused by the PS3 it seems. The more they try to dismiss it, the stronger it gets. HA HA

Mini Mario3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Yeh real mature send me 2 private msgs then block, oh so "owned". Thats like hitting some1 in the back of the head then running as fast as they can.

U said (before u blocked, after u sent 2 msgs)

""So you have Resistance 2, congratulations. It's in 720p which is vastly superior to 480p"

My reply-

U mentioned MGS4 being 1080, well What bout gta iv isnt that 720>>? I mean if its sooo much better (480 to 720) then how come u dont seem to care when its (720 to 1080). Funny how it matters only when it suits u.

And u call me a fanboy even tho i have all 3, and YOUR name is "sony playstation 3" ...and i gurantee by the way u talk that u ONLY own a ps3 because thats what fanboys like urself, do.

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ChefDejon3663d ago

does it all the time... but sony shouldn't have stooped to their level

Score3663d ago

Sooo, M$ does this weekly and people cheer with agreement, but Sony shows some backbone and it is all "Bad Sony...we expect this kind of behavior from M$ but now you"...WTF?

kevoncox3663d ago

Ms does this with sales and figures to back it up. When you are losing, it's best not to celebrate. Especially when you are talking about how expensive MS' console is but your own is more expensive with less games.

Mr_Bun3663d ago

"Winning" doesn't make it right...if anything, it makes it worse...If you truly believe that you are "winning", there would be no need to gloat.

Anon19743663d ago

When 360 sales were down worldwide all year prior to the price cuts, where were the articles decrying MS was on the ropes? Yet the PS3 which managed 40% growth year over year is subjected to articles saying their doomed because sales in November and December in the midst of an economic crisis were down 10%. So it doesn't matter to these media sites that PS3 sales were up 40% on the year - no, they were down 10% for two months! DOOOOOM!

And then to criticize Sony because they have the audacity to point out differences between their product and the competition? I know, shocking, isn't it? Only a crazy ex-girlfriend would ever do something as whack job nuts as differentiate their product offering.

In short, this article was written by donkey.

PimpDaddy3663d ago

Damn Sony has been taking shots at Microsoft and Nintendo since before the PS3 launched. All 3 companies do it. Get over it. I am so tired of Sony fanboys playing the "poor victim" card. You guys must really live in your own world, seperate from everyone else.

pippoppow3663d ago

1 for score. There comes a time when a constant attack that looks to slander a good name must be retaliated especially when done in the eyes of the public. If gone unchecked false statements have a tendancy to gain traction. Sony pointed out something that is the truth and like most truths that point out a factual negative it hurts. In actuality, they should have spoken up a while ago.

The Lazy One3663d ago

they were all over... They were still all over when hardware and software sales increased. They still pop up occasionally.


Anon19743663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

@ The Lazy One. That's funny, because I can't find any news, any media coverage, any "360 sales are down - 360 doomed" articles for 2008. Not one. I googled and found a couple of sharp bloggers who noticed that MS seemed to be struggling in 2008, but no mainstream media thought this was worth reporting.
The point, as you well know, is that the PS3 can finish up 40%, can show remarkable strides in the US but if they're down 10% one month the gaming media is all over them. Microsoft was down 35% year over year in Sept, 37% in October, had been down almost everywhere all year long and all we were subjected to was articles proclaiming "360 makes huge strides in Japan!" based of one months sales and "360 has best Black Friday Ever!" with nary a mention of the fact that up to that point they were actually down almost 10% year over year in the US. The reporting is not even.

The Lazy One3663d ago

despite it's search functions being god awful.

(I'm trying to get back to early 08, but it's taking me a while to sift through my comments. I'll edit them in as I go)

The Lazy One3663d ago

I couldn't get back far enough, but around the GTA launch there was a 3 part series on M$ being desperate. There were also countless failure articles when the 360 had it's early 08 shortage.

GiantEnemyCrab3663d ago

PimpDaddy: SO TRUE!!! +bub for that!

Lazy One: Nice, glad you found that I was looking as well. It just goes back to what PimpDaddy was saying that the Sony extremists are living in their own world and have suffer from frequent bouts of amnesia.

DaTruth3663d ago

It's been 50 minutes and you can't find anything but the truest of articles: "360 dead in Japan". That is far from 10,000 PS3 is dead articles with 40% growth for the year. 40% growth is awesome in the business world.

Anon19743662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

You proved my point. It's only been the odd blogger who's said anything. Negative 360 news has been completely ignored by the gaming media for over a year now, certainly relative to the amount of negative press the PS3 has received even in the face of better sales than the 360 ever experienced in it's first 2 years.

Thanks for further illustrating my point with examples.

El Zorro Rojo3662d ago

@ above:

Yes, but the problem I see is that people like you act like things need to be even at all times. Microsoft has certainly had its moments in which it was attacked and spoken negatively of.

The reason there has been more negative PS3 news as of late is because the console is in third and there is simply more negative news to report. Don't make this out to be a matter of some alleged bias on the part of the gaming media. That is a cop out and simply not true.

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zoydwheeler3663d ago

Oh. It's 'slipped' till 2010 did you say? Aaah. :(

Seems like that ten year plan is set to be scuppered in year 4.

Ju3663d ago

Are we a little bit OT here ?

Ashton3663d ago

they praise their own product.

beside sony isn't making numbers up,,,if someone wants wi-fi, HDD and so on ,they need to pay for those features on X360 where it's already included on the PS3.

nycredude3663d ago

How the hell is stating facts and truths about your console and comparing it to the other consoles with equal facts and truths like your exgirlfriend.

Although they all takes shots at each other Sony is only doing it with facts. MS spouts BS all day long and gets nothing from the media but praise. I say judging from the press conferences and statements made by all three consoles representative, MS is more like the crazy ex than anyone else.

This article is instant fail.

The Lazy One3663d ago

for the 360, you don't need a $100 wifi add on. You need at most a wireless access point and 2 ft. of cable (aproximately 40 bucks). You also wouldn't buy an arcade if you wanted a hard drive. Also, any model you buy today (making the price comparison at least make sense) has HDMI. They inflated the price by ~$150 and didn't account for the fact that you can get at least 2 games with the system now at that price.

For the wii, it only compares points where the PS3 comes out favorably.

Anon19743663d ago

Everything they said was the truth. Did Sony say anywhere that you needed wi-fi, or a hard drive? Of course not. All they did was point out the difference if you did. There is nothing sinister about a company taking the time to differentiate their product offering from their competitors. It's not like they're claiming the PS3 will feed your cat. And the 360 bundles are a limited time deal, a sale by Microsoft. Sony choose to compare regularly priced items. Nothing Sony said was anything but the truth and your attempt at twisting this fact is only making you look foolish.

frostypants3663d ago

How does "2 feet of cable and a wireless access point" equate to "wireless"? WireLESS. As in, no networking wires required from the console. "2 feet of cable" is not that. In fact, it's quite the opposite. All you've described is a 360 wired to a wireless network source. If you wired it to a satellite modem, would you also consider that wireless (within the obvious context MS and Sony intend it)?

I could keep beating down this horse until it's a bloody pulp but I will stop there. You get my point.

In addition, obviously Sony is referring to the 360's official wireless add-on. They can't account for every silly hack users might come up with. Microsoft would publish those same numbers for crying out loud.

El Zorro Rojo3662d ago

I agree that nothing Sony said was factually untrue and I really don't think people need to make an issue out of this.

That said, I also don't get where people get off saying Microsoft has lied when they did similar comparisons. Microsoft always used factual information as well.

Please show me what Microsoft supposedly lied about when they compared their console to their competitor's.

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Fishy Fingers3663d ago

"Sony accused of being like 'crazy ex-girlfriend'"

We're gamers, how the hell are we meant to know what an Ex-girlfriend is like?

I kid...

Rs3663d ago

There are full of laughter here. bub

karlostomy3663d ago

so..uh... fishy?

"We're gamers, how the hell are we meant to know what an Ex-girlfriend is like?"

You saying you have an ex-boyfriend instead?

I Kid....

Zeevious3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

If he is saying he had an ex-boyfriend anything like my last one, I can understand blocking it out of your memory as if it never happened...

Bill was terrible!

He insisted all our computers use ONLY Microsoft Bob, and had a secret worship room with wall-sized pictures of Phil Harrison, Aaron Greenberg, and a trans-gender Miss. Pogmart.

Naked pictures.

When I asked him how he got them...he just looked away...shuddered a bit and mumbled something about "things he had to do" to get somethings in-game footage replaced with CGI at E3-2005.

All of that I could have lived with, but the real reason we broke up is . . .

Microsoft's not just his company's name.

* This message brought to you by the Gates Endowment Foundation.
Saving computers, one inch at a time.

Traveler3662d ago

That was funny, fishy. Bubbles.

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