Bloodborne PSX: One of the best fanworks on the web

Though the PS4 boasted and still boasts an impressive library of releases, for many (myself included) the system served to be bought for initially one purpose, to be the Bloodborne Machine.

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GaboonViper177d ago

Bloodborne 60 FPS patch and sequel from From Software NOW please.

Inverno175d ago

I completely forgot to download this despite following on YouTube smh. They also made Bloodborne Kart lol


Bloodborne PSX Review - Demaking A Classic | BossLevelGamer

BLG Writes: "Bloodborne PSX may seem like little more than an exercise in nostalgia, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Not only is it a brilliantly realized recreation of the original Bloodborne, but it also stands up as a fresh souls-like experience in its own right. It will delight old fans and newcomers alike."

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MadLad793d ago

Been having a lot of fun with this. Cool project.


Bloodborne PSX - An Incredibly Faithful Fan Made PS1 Styled Bloodborne Demake

Bloodborne PSX is an incredibly faithful fan made PS1 styled Bloodborne demake that recreates the first few hours of FromSoftware’s gothic horror action RPG

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Gamer79805d ago

Looks like nightmare creatures.


Bloodborne PSX Is Out for Free on PC, Launch Trailer Released

Bloodborne PSX is now available to download for free on PC, letting players experience what the game would've been on the PS One console.

moomoo319805d ago

Tried it and it works fine. Pretty sick.

Black-Helghast805d ago

i would definitely buy this if it came out on ps5

ANIALATOR136805d ago (Edited 805d ago )

Don't really know why you'd want to play a deliberately worse version

mairons57805d ago

Because there are people that truly love games.

Then there are a bunch of "you" that play what is perceived as "cool" and "good"

camel_toad805d ago

You can "truly love games" but just not have a thing for retro looking games. I was a kid during the Atari and NES days so I've had my fill of retro. It doesn't mean I don't love the hell out of games though.

Now if a game looks retro but is a truly good/great game then fun is fun as far as I'm concerned. But personally I'm not drawn to games that intentionally look dated as hell.

ziggurcat805d ago

"Then there are a bunch of "you" that play what is perceived as "cool" and "good""

Oh, you mean like a PS1-styled version of Bloodborne?

YourMommySpoils805d ago

Prefer this to the original. Easier on the eyes.

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