WoW: More Death Knights To Flood Servers is reporting that Blizzard have lifted one of the restrictions on WoW players who wish to make a Death Knight - a class that was introduced in the recent expansion Wrath of the Lich King.

However, the servers are already teaming with Death Knights; Was this a good move by Blizzard?

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Leord3570d ago

Wow, there will be an explosion of knightly deaths =P

thetamer3570d ago

Doesn't that defeat the point of Deathknights?

AndyA3570d ago

Bad move IMO. There are already enough DKs.

Dorjan3570d ago

Will it make that much of a difference really?

Maticus3570d ago

I think it will, yes. If you want to start on a new server not, just make a DK, go do some instances and farm gold for a while, then roll whatever regular class you want and you'll have plenty of money there to help you level.

Azurite3570d ago

Been in the patch notes for a long time, though.

Maticus3570d ago

True, but I guess Blizz want people to know about it now so they don't go spending money and transferring characters to realms just so they can roll a DK, when they'll be able to do it for free soon.

Azurite3570d ago

Sounds reasonable.
+Bubble for you :)

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The story is too old to be commented.