EA moves Godfather II forward, now releasing on February 27th

Electronic Arts announced yesterday that it would be releasing Godfather II in March, although now they have told us that it will be released on February 27th. Inspired by the film and Mario Puzo's Corleone family drama, The Godfather II game goes beyond the film's story by setting players in the world of organized crime in 1960's Florida, Cuba and New York. As the head of the family, players can build a crew and grow their family in an effort to become the most powerful mob syndicate in America.

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belal4199d ago

february 27th hahahahaha is this a sick joke????

i think that MS has something to do with this :P all the games releasing feb 27th against killzone 2, but remember killzone 2 is releasing feb 25th here in europe :)

yoghurt4199d ago

27th in the UK, and it can't come soon enough I tell you!

however, do need to play through KZ1 on my ps3 and liberation on my psp first to get with the story

Eiffel4199d ago

I'd like to see one article without the mention of Killzone 2.

Well at least you're advertising.
Unlike S..

Almost had a fanboy moment, I stopped myself..

BleuStreeks4199d ago

If godfather 2 doesn't follow the storyline of the original classic then i wont be picking up this game....from the looks of it either EA didn't watch the movie or they just think the name of the game is gonna sell it and they can do whatever they want because godfather 2 has nothing to do with rising in the ranks to become the most powerful crime syndicate per say, it has to do with who the heck betrayed Michael Carleone and how his dad went from a kid to being a DON! This is what should be in godfather 2 anything else is a knock off of the movie which I do not support.

BrianC62344199d ago

I don't understand this February 27th release date. That's a Friday. Games in the U.S. are rarely released on Friday. Most of them are shipped out Monday or Tuesday.

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No4199d ago

That's a hard choice which game do i get Kill Zone 2 or Godfather 2?.............Godfather 2 it is.

Pennywise4199d ago

Being you only have a console that plays GF2... Smart choice.

BrianC62344199d ago

This one is easy for me since I already paid for my copy of Killzone 2 in full. I know you weren't serious though.

At least we're seeing more games out in slow periods though. Time for publishers to stop dropping all their games on us at once. I'm sure a lot of gamers will eventually get around to some of the games that didn't sell well at Christmas. Nobody can afford to buy every game at once.

InMyOpinion4199d ago

I won't be bothered with EA's other titles for a while when I get Skate 2.

Hellsvacancy4199d ago

I probably wont bother with another Ea game untll Dead Space 2 to arrives

InMyOpinion4199d ago

Not even with Fight Night Round 4? =)

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The story is too old to be commented.