Tenchu 4 - New japanese trailer

Acquire published a new trailer from the PSP version of Tenchu 4. Enjoy.

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freeman293596d ago

Nice trailer. PSP really needs some good games.

DNAgent3596d ago

It should be "360" not "PSP".

Supercalifragili3596d ago

Seems better than the Wii version.

diefor3596d ago

Really? I don't think so.

miles-prower3596d ago

better than the wii ver
hahahaha funny

LONEWOLF2313596d ago

Man..........the WII and PSP get a real sequel to one of the greatest stealth action games in gaming history WHILE the superior consoles get nothing. I mean yeah the 360 got Tenchu Z but that game had NOTHING to do with the Tenchu series even though Rikimaru and Lord Goda made an appearance. If anything the one that truly deserves this sequel is the PS3(Then Ported to the 360,Wii and PSP) since all Tenchu games were for the Sony console.

SaiyanFury3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I'd have to agree. The main games in the Tenchu series were always on the PS consoles starting on PS1 and everyone expected Tenchu 4 to be on the PS3. Unfortunately K2, the previous developer of the Tenchu series got bought by Capcom and From Software lost the developer so they brought it back to Acquire, which K2 had split off from after Tenchu 2. After seeing the large, but casual install base of the Wii, Acquire decided to release it on the platform simply based on numbers. Tenchu 4 on the PSP has still not been announced outside of Japan, and even though I could get it on the Wii, I'd still rather have it on a PS console. It just wouldn't feel right otherwise.

NegativeCreepWA3596d ago

I cant believe anyone buys these games anymore.