Check Out The Final Fantasy XIV Graphics Upgrade Coming With Dawntrail: Can you Spot the Difference?

Square Enix provided new information and images of the upcoming first graphical update coming with the Final Fantasy XIV expansion "Dawntrail " during a dedicated panel which TechRaptor attended in person.

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jjb1981124d ago

🤣🤣🤣 I love FFXIV, but that upgrade looks like when a PS2 game gets a remaster on PS3.

antikbaka123d ago

how to show that you never played PS2 without saying you never played PS2

FinalFantasyFanatic123d ago

You are being disingenuous, anyway, the graphics are simple so that the game can run on more potato PCs, not many MMOs have state of the art graphics because they want as many subscribers as possible. It's a no-brainer.

jjb1981123d ago

Ok, fanboy. I already know that. The graphical upgrade is pathetic and should offer more options for those with higher-end PCs. This game is more than 10 years old. it's time for an actual update especially if they're charging a subscription fee. The creatures literally pop-in from a short distance and when they do, the animations run at like 20fps.

FinalFantasyFanatic122d ago (Edited 122d ago )


Fanboy? You wish, I haven't cared about the franchise that much since FFX, I made this account many years ago, your straw man holds no weight here. As for A Realm Reborn, I don't remember any major performance issues when I played the Starter's edition, you might like hyperbole too much. Good luck finding your MMO with Crysis/Cyberpunk-tier graphics, they're no going to waste development time and money on graphics when they can spend it on content and keep people engaged and subscribed. ARR still looks pretty good for an MMO, not everything needs to be hyper realistic and ray-traced.

Abriael123d ago

You really have distorted memories of what both PS2 and PS3 games looked like.

You also don't know a thing of how graphics work in relation to MMORPGs.

jjb1981123d ago

I had FFXIV for PS3. Even the PS4 version was hardly an upgrade. Don't let nostalgia let you catch feelings.

Abriael123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

FFXIV for PS3 doesn't look in any shape or form what FFXIV looks like now on any hardware.It was a pixelated mess.

And it certainly doesn't look in any shape or form what it looks after the upgrade.

I'm not catching any feelings. You've caught a sight or memory issue. You can pick which.

jjb1981120d ago

You're just in denial and actually believe this is a real visual upgrade. I guess it's better than nothing.


After 14 years, you can finally play Final Fantasy 14 on Xbox and the wait is absolutely worth it

Fear not, weary Xbox players, the incredibly long wait for FF14 on Xbox is finally over as the MMO’s open beta officially begins on Series X|S.

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anast3d ago

Imagine waiting 14 years to play this. The game isn't good.

anast3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I maxed the free trail when it was out. I thought the combat was horrible and the graphics. It felt cheap and janky to me. And I would have thought they would have overhauled the game by now.

anast2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

"I don't judge a game on how many people like it."

If you paid attention. I said the game was going to fail because of it and that the game would have been better as a solo experience. They are different arguments.

PapaBop2d ago

ARR probably. The game is amazing, there is nothing quite like it out there, the level of character development and story is unmatched in gaming. The early game though poorly reflects the overall value of the game, the early combat, story, gameplay in general and even the voice acting (English) are all pretty bad in comparison to where the game has been since Heavensward really. I'm not surprised many people tried it and didn't stick it out and it's why it's such a hard game to recommend. "Hey here is one of the best FF games ever made but the first 50 hours are average at best" isn't a particular enticing sell.

jznrpg3d ago

It’s a good game but it’s been out so long it’s hard to enjoy past content when you don’t get to experience it when it comes out. MMO’s are best played in the first couple years imo or at least the first 5 but 14 years later you will level up and go to newer end game stuff and skip a ton of content or bypass it fast as you can. It’s just nowhere near the same playing it towards the end of its life instead of experiencing everything as it releases.

anast3d ago

There is this point too. It makes sense.

Angyobangyo3d ago

The game has been around for 14 years.14 successful years and still going strong. You just sound bitter.

anast3d ago

I don't judge a game on how many people like it. I think for myself. Candy Crush sucks and it is still going strong. You will need to, at minimum, come up with a decent argument instead of guessing how people feel.

oIMyersIo3d ago

"I don't judge a game on how many people like it."

If I recall correctly, you were always complaining about how Friday The 13th had a low player count and that reflects how TCM was going to be poor.

Kind of sounds like you judge games based on how many people like it.

andy852d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Probably the best MMO that exists right now. When did you play it, 2010?

Felix3132d ago

that's your opinion - I've been playing since the 2.0 beta and have enjoyed most of the game (Stormblood was a bit meh imo) and the current game has only been out 11 years not 14

anast2d ago

Yes, it's my opinion. A ton of people enjoy the game and they should if that's what they like.

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Hereandthere3d ago

This game is assss, i guess this is their cope for phil selling them up the river for a nickle.

Einhander19723d ago

It'll take another 14 years to pay back the investment in getting the game to run for the 2 people left on xbox. I guess that's why they have to pay for gold just to play the game. Xbox is the worst place to play FF14.

Hopefully maintaining the xbox version doesn't take money that could have been better spent on the game itself.

Reaper22_3d ago

Sounds like you are in your feelings. Get used to it because this is where the industry is headed for Microsoft as well as sony. This is only the beginning. In the near future you won't need a ps to play sony games or a xbox for Microsoft games. It's a good thing imo because hardware sales don't make up for all the money lost on them.

DarXyde3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Never played it, but this is the first I've heard any bad about it (after ARR, anyway). My understanding is that it's a great game and the article does mention that it even outpaced WoW. Not a small feat.

It's pricier on Xbox though, which is unfortunate, but at the end of the day, if you've waited this long, you'll have hundreds of hours of content upfront and that's a pretty good thing.

Felix3132d ago

afaik the Gamepass requirement is on Xbox not Square