GI.Biz: Fit To Print

GI.Biz writes: "The global economy is in recession, and depending on which group of experts you listen to, we could be facing a downturn lasting as little as a year or as much as three or four years. Most of these experts, it's worth noting, were confidently predicting a smooth road ahead until the car actually crashed, which places them somewhere below a fairground Mystic Meg on the credibility scale - so from all of their present prophecies, about the only message we can sensibly take is that there will be a recession (because it's already happening), and that it will last "a while".

I've talked before at some length about the potential impact of this recession on the videogames industry. In short, I think that the "recession-proof" line is a nice sound bite, and it's just true enough to be worth using."

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