Gaming Nexus CES 2009: Hands-on with ezGear's brand new You Rock Guitar

Gaming Nexus writes: "As a part of our continuing coverage of CES 2009, Gaming Nexus is proud to bring you hands-on impressions with ezGear's You Rock Guitar, which was formally announced just yesterday. We are especially proud of the fact that we were the first media members to actually have a hands-on with the unit itself.

The You Rock Guitar is designed to be more than just a video game controller. While it has the functionality to work with video game systems, specifically for Rock Band and Guitar Hero, this unit can actually be used with your computer, whether it be for a Macintosh or Windows-based operating system. The unit sports a unique fret board, which is a full 22 frets, that is string-less and is actually touch-based. In other words, when you strum it, if you slide your finger down the fret itself, the sound will change. The area you actually strum does have extremely strong wires that mimic strings."

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