Gaming Nexus: Kung Fu Panda Legendary Warriors Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "Here's a quick quiz for you: what has the potential to be even worse than a kid's movie tie-in game? Give up? Well, the answer is "yet another game based on the same movie, released half a year later." Of course, the opposite could also be true if the intervening six months was used to add depth and innovative features to the original game.

Sadly, though, such is not the case with Activision's second attempt at a game based on Dreamwork's Kung Fu Panda movie. Kung Fu Panda Legendary Warriors takes everything that was good about the original game, sparse as that pantry may be, and tosses it out, leaving only bad animation and bad voiceovers in the completely unentertaining cut scenes that the player(s) are forced to endure in their entirety between rounds of equally uninspired fighting. On the positive side, the game now supports up to four players in free-for-all or team versus modes."

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