Pentiment Anniversary Interview: Josh Sawyer on His Influences, Going From Playing D&D to Designing

'I loved Obsidian Entertainment’s Pentiment last year, and with its upcoming anniversary, I figured it was a great time to chat with Josh Sawyer (Studio Design Director at Obsidian).'

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Barlos244d ago

Really enjoyed this game. Had no real expectations but loved the presentation and minimalist audio. Very cool attention to detail also with its sense of time and place.


PlayStation’s Bluepoint Games is still working on an original title

“Everything takes time,” says studio’s technology head. “We are committed to sharpening our skills!”

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jznrpg15h ago

I’d rather devs took their time instead of trying to kill themselves trying to meet strict deadlines. Games end up better that way.

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Miyazaki wants to 'sharpen' Bloodborne and Sekiro's combat philosophy in his next games

Miyazaki's clearly got Sekiro and Bloodborne in his heart, and refining their combat philosophy is in his mind.

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Psychonaut8517h ago

Hells yeah. Would love to see another really tight action focused title next. Be cool if he did something completely different, like a cyborg-ninja game.

Rikimaru-0014h ago

yes, now go and make a new tenchu


Miyazaki: Combination of Freedom and Difficulty a "Big Hint" of FromSoftware's Next Project

Elden Ring Director Hidetaka Miyazaki said the combination of freedom and difficulty is a "big hint" of FromSoftware's next project.

XiNatsuDragnel1d 11h ago

Nice excited for the next project

UltimateOwnage55m ago

I cant wait to see what they have cooking.