Forza Motorsport peaks at less than 5,000 players on Steam, with only 44% positive reviews

Forza Motorsport is the latest first-party release from Microsoft and Xbox Game Studios. However, the game’s launch was far from a massive success.

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Sonic1881242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

What happen to Forza? Gamepass? Quantity over Quality? There's technical issues with the PC version. I can't speak on the Xbox version

Jin_Sakai241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Microsoft has managed to ruin all their top franchises. Talk about an accomplishment.

Cacabunga241d ago

For those who still believe GP model is doing any good to gaming 👍🏽

Terry_B241d ago

Were there more than two?

MrNinosan241d ago

I'd say the "big" 3 was Halo, Gears and Forza and those are the games that kept Xbox floating.

But also Fable was once upon a time a good franchise.

bloop241d ago

All those Actiblizz franchises will suffer the same fate eventually too.

notachance241d ago

@bloop I’d argue the actiblizz franchise have mostly decline too, like diablo and overwatch

MS buying ABK is like a finance team buying studios hoping to get a bunch of nerdy gamer guys to make awesome game for them, only to find out they too are a bunch of finance team and the actual veteran devs already bailed/kicked out since long ago.

FinalFantasyFanatic240d ago (Edited 240d ago )


When you think about it, they had a few great franchises, it's sad to see what's come of them compared to their heyday in the 360 days, the worst thing, people were already making fun of Halo in the One X days.


Yeah, Microsoft is not saving Activision/Blizzard, they can't manage the studios they already have, let alone new ones, plus, we could already hear the death rattle coming for Activision/Blizzard for a long while now, I don't expect anything good from them. Microsoft is their retirement home.

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ravens52241d ago

What about all those 10/10s. Curious

Barlos241d ago

Same as the 10s for Starfield. Can we say dubious?

Class_Viceroy241d ago

Reviewers totally ignore most technical issues and bugs nowadays especially if it's a big title. Unless the game releases in a Cyberpunk manner.

Baldur's Gate 3 had a lot of flaws that were overlooked.

zeuanimals241d ago


BG3 has way more going for it than it has going against it. The same can't be said for every game that gets 10s.

FinalFantasyFanatic240d ago

As long as the game is still fun and very playable, it's hard to tolerate the bugs in Cyberpunk, and Pokemon Violet/Scarlet was bad at launch. I've played Violet for 20+ hours and I've only seen one bug where I mistook a wild handbag walking itself for a Pokemon, hilarious, but by no means game breaking.

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darthv72241d ago

The xbox version runs great. Even better now with the first patch. though it shouldnt take a patch to fix something that should have been addressed in beta. Sucks for PC players, but they are working on it.

Class_Viceroy241d ago

I really don't see the point of Motorsport. I'm not a big racing person but I play I started playing Forza because it's on GP and figured why not. After playing the last 2 Horizon's Motorsport feels a little underwhelming. I thought it was really weird how Motorsport had like an RPG element with leveling stuff up. It took a lot of the immersion out of the game for me for being a realistic simulator. If you're going to have elements like that I would rather just play Horizon and not be as immersed.

Profchaos241d ago

Ofcourse why bother crafting evergreen titles when you put them on a buffet.

Pretty much every all you can eat buffet is a guarantee of one thing the quality won't be there

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Vits242d ago

The PC Version apparently has a good number of technical issues. Textures not loading, geometry glitches, save files just not saving, etc.

Going by the reviews. It's probably the worst game performance-wise that Microsoft has put out on the PC in the last decade if not ever. This is a shame as Microsoft normally puts out really solid PC versions.

dumahim241d ago

Sounds like PC just doesn't run well, on top of all the other issues that are shared with the Xbox version. They might be worse on PC, but Xbox has most of the same issues as well.

banger88242d ago

Next time give us a f******* offline mode for single player!!

blacktiger241d ago

Why does internet matter when it comes to single player?

Barlos241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

What if their Internet or the servers go down? It doesn't happen often, but it happens which is why you should never have to be tied to Internet connection to play a game. Look at GT7, when that had issues after an update not long after launch it made the game largely unplayable.

Crows90241d ago

Don you guys have phones? Lol

neutralgamer1992241d ago


It’s not about that man single player should be playable offline. Try playing driver San Francisco now since servers went down and UBI never had offline play

Offline modes shouldn’t require internet. I feel like gaming is going backwards. And instead of ask do we have internet you should be demanding better from these corporations. Never seen so many gamers defending these companies and their bad decisions

Gamingsince1981241d ago

I think Everton was doing a parody of blizz when they announced diablo immortal with the "don't you guys have phones" moment, I dont think they were serious.

FinalFantasyFanatic240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

I hate when they do this, why should it be mandatory for me to connect to the internet just to play single player? Multi-player is a no sh*t sherlock it needs internet, but if I'm playing through the story or grinding single player, there's no reason that I need the internet for it to function.


I miss couch mutli-player so much, I've skipped Need for Speed games because they tried to force online for just Single player.