LittleBigPlanet patch incoming

Media Molecule released a huge patch for LittleBigPlanet (version 1.07) before Christmas which fixed and improved a lot. Other stuff, it broke. But Media Molecule is working on it.

SCEA marketing manger Mark Valledor has confirmed that another pending update is being cooked up to fix issues in the aftermath of 1.07.

These issues weren't specified, but we know some were having problems with save data and DLC over Christmas, it'll hopefully sort that out.

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No4204d ago

Yeah i love Patches i can't wait.

GrieverSoul4204d ago

I dont like patches! Unless they add more options! Patches usualy means rushed software that needs more polishing!

After the 1.07 patch is very, very, very frustating trying to log on the LBP servers! Error 403, error 403, error 403... No problem with the MGS DLC though!

They should also fix the 3 big zeros that are displayd on the left planet in the capsule! I cant understand why it doens´t work since day one!

Other than that, great game! MGS DLC rocks!!!!

SL1M DADDY4204d ago

I have had no issues getting online and getting into the servers. Bummer for those that have. The only gripe I have is when I rewind during create mode, it hangs up from time to time and looks like it is due to trying to communicate with the servers. To fix the issue I simple turn off the online and create offline.

The Great Melon4204d ago

Never had a problem with the servers until just the other day. Trying to show my friend LittleBigPlanet only to be denied with a 403 error.

tonynibbles4204d ago

This was announced last month on MediaMolecules blog, when they announced 1.07

Cajun Chicken4204d ago

I don't want that stupid bug that makes me delete the fantastic community items I get for prizes anymore.

ronando4204d ago

This game still has terrible lag more often than not. I love it, the online multiplayer is a ton of fun, but useless when your movements are about 5 seconds behind your input...not a good thing for a game that involves impeccable timing!

Fix the lag and this game will be perfect!

I_am_rushin4204d ago

They can't do anything about the lag. The game is based on P2P, their servers are only used for matchmaking purposes. In other words your lag, or lack of it, will depend on your internet connection and that of your host.

ronando4204d ago

Respectfully, I disagree. I'm sure there is lots they can do about it.

I can honestly say I've never had a lag-free experience with LBP...

While using a 7MB high speed cable subscription with 100% WLAN connectivity, and confirming my friends have the same set-up, it still lags like crazy.

furthermore, any Lag I have experienced is isolated to this game only. None of my other games have a compromised online experience.

Elimin84204d ago

Too bad I can't give you more bubbles. been saying that for a while, I am yet to experience a 2,3 or 4 player game on LBP. It is the only game I can't play online. I am sure glad you even mentioned your settings cause mine is at least a meg higher than yours and still lags "8MB" .

BenderDGreat824203d ago

FIX ONLINE PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!