Eidos warns as new Tomb Raider disappoints

Sharecast: "Computer games maker Eidos has revised down its revenue forecasts and cautioned it may need to renegotiate bank finances after disappointing sales of its new Lara Croft game, Tomb Raider: Underworld.

Eidos, which changed its name from SCi Entertainment, now estimates full year revenue will now be in the range of £160m-£180m compared to previous guidance of £180m-£200m.

"We have passed our peak net debt position and we retain sufficient headroom within our committed banking facility but given revised profit expectations we may need to enter into discussions with our lending bank regarding our June 2009 covenants," it added."

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AdolfBinBush3666d ago

the game, the movie, the story sux donkey balls.

SL1M DADDY3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

If they simply released a true to story remake of the original in FULL HD glory and no other crap included, I would buy it but all these others I have rented and have fallen short of truly enjoying them. Honestly, they just need to kill off Lara Croft and surrender to the fact that Nathan Drake is the new Tomb Raider. At least he does not go around punching Great White Sharks and jumping and dodging massive tigers shooting them with 9mm pistols... Realism folks, it's the new adventure game. Even in it's most unrealistic parts of the game, Uncharted was still believable and engaging. This Tomb Raider junk is just not any of that.

GrieverSoul3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Underworld story sucks, gameplay sucks and is outdated, enemy IA... please!!! Circle walking lizards!? Guys that try to shoot at U when or right next to them??!! The lack for the Trophy system in the PS3? Exclusive content to one platform where it sells less than the platform that will not have DLC! They made all the wrong choices and based themselves that the name LARA CROFT and TOMB RAIDER would save them. Its a shame though. TR 1 to 3 were some of the best games I ever played!

With games like Uncharted in the market, Tomb Raider as a high bar to reach with its mechanic and outdated formula.

Kingsora3666d ago

She is the first real gamebabe ever, se was on the cover of playboy!!! I mean c'mon...

Sangria3666d ago

IMO, Tomb Raider Underworld is pretty decent. I've finished it on 360, i'll redo it on PS3 soon and i really enjoy it (even if Lara is obviously used as a sex symbol).

My first Tomb Raider finished without cheating or trying to get Lara nude by doing an "angel diving" from a candelabra to a swimming pool. Underworld is not perfect but fits perfectly with (and not against) Uncharted Drake's Fortune, one focuses on action and shooting, the other on exploration and platform.

Saint Sony3666d ago

Underworld was very decent. Surprisingly good.

Johnny Rotten3666d ago

I beat it over the holidays and have to say it's the best one to date. The controls were alot better which in return seemed to make it a little shorter but the puzzles were pretty fun!

shamv3666d ago

@GrieverSoul. enemy IA?

labwarrior3666d ago

They should have optimized fully for 360 than spend all their time on PS3 development, that would have made 360 sales vastly more

Rockstar3666d ago

Do you think the majority of gamers in the world care that one version of the game looks SLIGHTLY better than the other version of the game?

Hell, they probably don't even know that there is a difference because they likely don't go looking for comparison videos.
Maybe they wanted 3 games that week but could only afford 1, or people just buy what they are interested in and this wasn't it.

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The story is too old to be commented.