Otaku USA : Resident Evil 5 Hands-On Preview

Emily Balistrieri writes "If you're into hot "caterpillar-scorpion-bat" action, then Resident Evil 5 fits your niche. I got some hands-on time with a couple of new levels last week at a Capcom press event in San Francisco.

The first thing I can say is that the survival horror style movement is intact, so if a limited camera freaks you out, well, the game is doing its job. The right stick will only tilt the viewpoint a tiny bit, so it's not very useful. Most of the time to see what's around you, you have to just turn your whole body in the classic tank style. This, however, is familiar to fans of the series-that and popping infected villager's heads. Yee hoo! What is quite fresh, however, is the co-opping between beefy protagonist Chris Redfield (red with…BLOOD?) and Sheva Alomar, his pretty lady sidekick."

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