New Infamous PS3 gameplay

Here's some new Infamous Tunnel Gameplay for the PS3...

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Sony PlayStation 33663d ago

inFamous is coming along really nice!

Man, as if 2009 couldn't get any better :D

Doppy3663d ago

It looks great. I hope they change the lightning bolt animation, it doesn't have a dramatic feel to it, he just raise his hand and lightning strikes in the direction of the goons. You should have to target people a little more.

SL1M DADDY3663d ago

I am too busy searching for my jaw. It just hit the floor...


MiloGarret3663d ago

Huh!??!! Are we watching the same video? I was really excited for this game but that video really put me off, I am very sorry to say it but except for the graphics... this game looks like crap. The movements, targeting, ai, animation etc etc needs a crapload of polishing. BOOOO, make me want it again Sucker Punch!

original seed3663d ago

I will not be picking this up anymore. I will get Prototype instead. The graphics are nice but the gameplay looks like Sh!t. Zap this and zap that. Wow. Craptastic!

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DJ3663d ago

Prototype isn't looking so hot anymore...

thereapersson3663d ago

Can you get into vehicles like you can in prototype?

I think both games have good things going for them! I'll never understand why one game has to outdo the other. Hey, at least for PS3 owners like you and I, we get to enjoy both games.

Graphics Whore3663d ago

I like the real-esqe approach with inFamous, if your body was constantly admitting electricity their would be some severe real life consequences, this almost reminds me of Watchmen the downside of being a superhero.

Prototype looks good, similar to Mercenaries good but that's about as good as it gets.

Awookie3663d ago

2.1 i heard he cannot drive vehicles because his electric powers would surge the car and kill the battery same with guns they would fire when he touches them
Don't quote me on that though

thereapersson3663d ago

Ah, makes sense. I'm just glad Sucker Punch is delivering the story in the way that they are; I love its almost graphic-novel-like presentation.

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OGharryjoysticks3663d ago

Almost has a little Spider-Man superhero feel to it as he hangs on the side of the bus

thereapersson3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Someone posted on the comments page in Gametrailers that this looks repetitive. Seriously? Every game is repetitive in one way or another, but inFamous looks like it has that something extra to stand out. I bet they didn't find Gears repetitive...

That's just my opinion, though.

Marceles3663d ago

It does look similar to the newest Star Wars game with the point-of-view, "force push", and the hand-to-hand combat. My favorite part was the "lightning grenades" though while he was holding on to the bus, and everything all of a sudden exploded...that was awesome. And the death move on the guy laying on the ground. Just pleeeease don't make the targeting like Star Wars though where the guy closest gets zapped. I loved the Star Wars game but that was my only gripe. There's the times when he threw the nades and that looked like you can aim, but as long as the targeting is top-notch we got a great game on our hands

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