PSP Fanboy : PS3 and PSP versions of UNO coming to PlayStation Network

Andrew Yoon writes "The popular card game UNO is getting PS3 and PSP adaptations, courtesy of GameLoft. The two versions will be available on the PlayStation Store. Both versions will be available some time this year."

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DJ3662d ago

We play this at lunch every day at work. Even the VP joins in.

TheColbertinator3662d ago

I honestly thought this was already submitted.Its strange since PSP/PS3 Fanboy sites always use other sources

sinncross3662d ago

Oh my so nice!!!
i love UNO, though sometimes play Crazy Eight if no one has Uno cards.

Though I wonder... cud 4 players play on a PSP?

Like I start, it shows me my cards I play, then a confirmation sign appears (no ones cards shown) for the next person to start, hand over the PSP and tada.

kind of weird to play like that but it would be a neat feature!

DNAgent3662d ago

Another XBLA exclusive lost.

TheColbertinator3662d ago

I knew you would say that XD