Nintendo Patents Show Wii-mote Originally Designed For GameCube [Update]

A Nintendo patent from March 2006 shows that the company originally intended a Wii-mote style device for the GameCube. A patent drawing shows how the Wii Remote could link with the GC.

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Parapraxis3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

I have said this time and time again, they could have put out the Wiimote & Nunchuck for the Gamecube and it would have had little if any impact on the games, they would still be the same.

However, a peripheral that isn't packed in would not have sold well.

Nintendo knew that if they bundled it with a new console that it would sell far better. There is more appeal in doing that. Consumers see it as a true evolution from the previous iteration, even if it's incremental.

Nintendo definately made the right choice in revamping the GC as the Wii and bundling it in with the new controllers.

Forcing game makers to have no option but Wiimote & Nunchuck, however has led to many 3rd party devs not embracing the Wii.

I believe that the Wii should have been released with Wiimote & Nunchuck and a Classic controller, giving the 3rd party developers an option of which control scheme to utilize.

Wiimote & Nunchuck just doesn't work with all game genres, plain and simple. Fighting Games, racing games, 3rd person shooters aren't suited to these controls.

They should be used when they enhance the gaming experience, not when they hinder it.

In the end, it's a great console, many people get a lot of enjoyment from, however it's unfortunate that 3rd party devs for the most part aren't faring well on the platform.

Kwertie3573d ago

Cue Gamecube 1.5 jokes in 3..2..1..

hfaze3573d ago

Wii = GameCube 1.5 CONFIRMED!!! ;-)

I kid, I kid...

tplarkin73573d ago

Minor spec differences aside, the Wii is a small white Gamecube. My theory has been that the Gamecube was being re-designed to cut costs. When MS first announced the 360, Nintendo panicked and re-packaged the slim Gamecube as a Wii.

Eiffel3573d ago

That seems right, explains the crap o rama games.

Duraji3573d ago

Well, this does pretty much confirm that the Wii is just GameCube part two with gimmicks and gimmicks abound.