Battlefield 2042 resurgence comes at exactly the wrong time for MW3 beta

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 beta was lots of fun, but a resurgence for Battlefield 2042 came at the worst possible time for MW3.

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Markdn129d ago

Yeah I agree. Not a multiplayer fan but it's. Defo more fun that cod. COD will be extinct in a few years now once. Microsoft break it. How to kill a franchise... "Sell it to Microsoft"

Rynxie130d ago

I can't even play it. I downloaded the free psn PS5 version and it keeps telling me that it cannot connect to the servers when I try connecting online. I tried deleting and reinstalling, I tried both wired and wireless connection and nothing. I tried for months by the way.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

gold_drake129d ago

there was an outage last Saturday, but it should be fine by now

UltimateOwnage130d ago

I hope Microsoft enjoys this after spending $69bn. DICE has worked for years to turn BF2042 into the game fans wanted, and EA gave them time to do it. Will MS so the same with COD, or will they Halo Infinite the formula and drive it into the dirt.

jznrpg130d ago

MS couldn’t get Halo to be good, Rare has been a big flop Gears is okish. Now they have like 50 studios who they need to manage and people think they are going to be able to produce quality all of a sudden? It seems obvious that it’s going to be a shit show. How many studios will get shut down? I know they will manipulate scores as best they can but I see a mess coming from these purchases in the long run.

anast130d ago

I need a Lady Gaga skin with a jet-pack or I'm not playing.

Zombieburger638130d ago

I’m not going to support dices effort just so they can do the exact same shit with the next game. People never learn and keep supporting these trash companies.

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