Infinite Bits Interview with Telltale Games about "Sam & Max Season One"

Heather of Infinite Bits writes: "While writing my review of Sam and Max: Season One I found myself wondering how a PC game which had already been out for two years made its way to a major console (the Wii). Telltale Games' Marketing Coordinator Emily Morganti was good enough to answer my questions.

Heather (Infinite Bits): What was the reason behind the long delay between releasing Sam & Max: Season One for the PC and releasing it for the Wii?

Emily (Telltale Games): When we started Sam & Max Season One back in 2006, our studio wasn't equipped for Wii development. We use the same development tools for all of our games and at that time, our tools were PC-only. We were interested in bringing the game to Wii but since we weren't yet set up to do this and we had our hands full with the PC version (the first seasonal episodic game series), the time just wasn't right."

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