Spider-Man 2 review – the ultimate PS5 exclusive (The Loadout)

Insomniac delivers the best PS5 game yet and a masterpiece of superhero entertainment.

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Spider-Man 2 finally rectifies glaring issues with Sam Raimi suit

The new Spider-Man 2 update adds multiple long-awaited features, but the improvements to this suit are worth swinging back into it alone.

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exputers32d ago

People are saying the old one looked better. Can't say I agree though.

CobraKai31d ago

It’s funny cuz they always made Tobey’s lines silver in the old PS2 games too. It’s nice they finally corrected it

BillyCrystals31d ago

I'm probably in the minority but the Raimi Spidey movies have aged so poorly and are BRUTAL to rewatch. Just an unpleasant, cringe-fest with mostly horrible casting. Tobey and Kristen suck so much.

SimpleSlave31d ago

You're most def in the minority. Yeah. Aside from some boneheaded decisions, like having a mask on Willem Dafoe or shoehorning Venom in the Third one, those movies are far more enjoyable and honest than the new Marvel's Spider-Man movies.

As for Tobey and Kristen, they both help ground the characters and make them more relatable and human than the new Disneyfied versions. It's no secret as to why the best parts of the Disney Spider-Man movies are the ones with the characters from the original Trilogy; Dafoe, Tobey and Molina.

The original trilogy is indeed not perfect, but they still have heart and feel like the people behind them actually cared about the property whereas the new version feels like brain numbing been-there-done-that by the numbers Disney affair.

But to each their own.

Storm2331d ago

I love 1 and 2. Haven't watched the new movies (or really any Marvel movies of the last 10+ years, lol).

jwillj2k431d ago

When I rewatch amazing Spider-Man it feels like the drama parts could have been their own movie with only glimpses of him being spiderman. Disney spiderman has no real emotion outside of the ending of the last one.

RetiredFromN4G31d ago

Yea, Part 3 hasn't aged well, but Part 1 & 2 are still good watches. I really, really liked how they did Sandman in Part 3, it's just a shame that its Venom sucked and pushed Sandman more to the side.

CobraKai31d ago

To each their own is something most people don’t understand. I loved the Tobey movies but disliked the Amazing movies, but it’s all about taste and it’s good that people don’t all have the same tastes

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MetalGearsofWar31d ago

Dont feel too bad. I find the ones with Tom Holland horrible.


Spider-Man 2 PS5 devs reveal the "eight-month" quest behind Venom's excellent tentacles

From gloopy tendrils to his sinister voice, Spider-Man 2 PS5 developers reveal the long and terrifying process of bringing Venom to life.

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2023 Proved That More Studios Need To Release Demos First

Najam from eXputer writes "A great year for gaming has been marred with some massive stinkers."

ROCKY28108d ago

will not happen to trash games - they need to hide them until release

anast108d ago

Yeah PC got a lot of bad ports this year. Imagine paying all that money for a gaming machine and getting this stuff.

toxic-inferno108d ago

As the article points out, Lies of P is one of the greatest examples of a demo success story in recent memory.

I was always interested in the game, but a little sceptical. However, simply by the fact that the developers were releasing a demo several months prior to release made me sit up. It showed confidence in their product, and that confidence was - as it turned out - well placed. In my 2 hours of playing through the demo (just one playthrough, with a lot of time exploring and testing out weapons etc), I was convinced it was going to be worthwhile. And not only that, but the developers used the demo to improve on their product. The result was a win for both developer and consumer.

In other news, if anybody is still on the Fence about playing Lies of P, it will not surprise you that I highly recommend it.

shinoff2183108d ago

That lies of p demo was dope. Imma dl it to try more next time I turn the Xbox on. If I like it I'll cop a ps5 physical since I prefer physical. I'll support the company that still releases a good amount of physical games, Sony and ninty

AlterRecs105d ago

The Bloodborne PC port we never got.

Love the game

Inverno108d ago

If anything it proves the need for more honest media previews, and some common bloody sense. So many games get these developer interview style previews with devs just blatantly lying, knowing their game is incomplete and broken. And if the game looks like utter trash and you buy it then you're an idiot. Idk how anyone could've gotten excited for Golem after the first reveal.

shinoff2183107d ago

Not sure why cod is pictured. As if the that base would stand up for itself. NO, we won't pay 70 dollars for some dlc fk that.

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