Starfield's New Game Plus narrative...innovation at its finest

GamesRadar writes, "Starfield has narrativized New Game Plus into a philosophical thought experiment"

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Crows90272d ago

Hades did new game plus better. For such a huge game new game plus doesn't work well. Why would you postpone spending time in a galaxy to lose everything for new game plus.

I'll say it is starfields ONLY good concept though.

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anast272d ago

I heard the opposite. Most reviews say NG+ is pointless because the game isn't worth revisiting.

Lightning77271d ago

Then why did Greg Miller of all ppl NG+ the game 5 freakin times then? Yes the Greg Miller the Face of PS.

generic-user-name271d ago

Man's desperate to lose the tag 'the face of PS', so he overhypes Starfield.

jwillj2k4271d ago

Greg Miller is your king?

anast271d ago

Greg Miller is not qualified to say which games are good and which games are not. The content is a hustle.

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Angyobangyo271d ago

So one guy? Greg Miller hasn't been relevant for years even if or still is a PS shill. It's almost like playing games from other platforms validates some and invalidates others' opinions...meanwhile people just want to play games they enjoy.

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Sonic1881271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

I heard that as well mostly on reddit and Twitter

Lightning77271d ago

Greg Miller? No he's a borderline Narcissist he's not trying to drop that title any time soon to anyone.

He's fine with Xbox but hates PC gaming and gamers. That's common knowledge at this point.

Anyway he's not dropping that title he just really likes SF.

anast271d ago

This. I just clicked on one of his videos and he's selling the series S screen for MS. the guy is a salesman not a reviewer.

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anast271d ago

"Neither are you, tears of anast LMAO!"

Yeah, you still don't get it. If I were you I would do something other than what you are doing. The inability to think is astounding.

yeahokwhatever271d ago

I'm on NG+8. The main story is skippable in NG+. I still have a ton of crap i havent even touched.

anast271d ago

"Crap" is the most objective term I have heard about this game. Of course we can enjoy crap, I play games like Destiny 2.

yeahokwhatever270d ago

lol its fun crap though. most games these days are just crap.

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jznrpg271d ago

I don’t think these people have played some of the best NG+ games. Nier did it best in my opinion but there are plenty of others

Angyobangyo271d ago

Agreed. Nier does it differently, because you get pieces of the story with each play through and slowly expands to the true ending. Nier Automata's final ending will never be bettered....and if it does, I hope I get to play that game someday.

Crows90271d ago

Cant really compare Starfield with Nier. Nier is a much better game in every category that is comparable. But yes that did it very well as well.

--Onilink--271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

While I agree its not really innovation and a game like Nier (or Hades) does it pretty amazingly as well (though I would argue it just does it differently), the way Starfield integrated it into the actual narrative of the game is pretty great too, not at all like some people mentioned above and compared it to when Rogue Likes integrates most of the repeat runs to the obvious initial failed attempt.

Starfield runs with the idea of not only the New Game plus option itself, but also with how in bethesda games, people will usually do new runs to role play in entirely different ways, make different decisions or just experiment to kill everyone and stuff like that, and ties it all into the narrative of being a Starborn and experiencing different views of the story (like you being the Hunter, etc).

If anything, my biggest complaint would be that its a game that is too big for me to be interested in replaying it so many times to actually want to do NG+ a bunch of times to see all the way the story changes, as opposed to something like Hades where each run is constantly getting shorter, or Nier where its not even so much a NG+ but a whole different game in many of the subsequent runs. (That and the reveal of the first Hunter being quite underwhelming)