Boosteroid says CMA decision Is An Important Step Towards Changing The Gaming Industry For Better

Boosteroid Cloud Gaming congratulated Microsoft and Activision


IGN Entertainment acquires Eurogamer, GI, VG247, Rock Paper Shotgun and more

IGN Entertainment has acquired the Gamer Network family of digital brands for an undisclosed sum. As a result of the acquisition, some redundancies have been made across the UK-based organisation.

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darthv723h ago

Well this can only mean one thing... more job layoffs even in the publication industry.

Jin_Sakai1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

“Layoffs occuring“

Yep. IGN now has a monopoly in the gaming media.

“As a result of the acquisition, some redundancies have been made across the UK-based organisation.”

“Gamer Network's publications are GamesIndustry.biz, Eurogamer (including six local language editions), Rock Paper Shotgun, VG247 and Dicebreaker. The business also holds shares in Outside Xbox, Digital Foundry and Hookshot (which operates Nintendolife, PushSquare, PureXbox and Time Extension).”

“IGN Entertainment is the division of Ziff Davis that includes IGN, MapGenie, HowLongToBeat, and Humble Bundle. It has acquired the websites from PAX and New York Comic-Con organiser ReedPop, which initially bought the Gamer Network business in 2018.“

Jingsing48m ago

When say IGN you mean Microsoft's chief propagandist.

-Foxtrot8m ago

All this means is a collective hive mind when reporting the news

They’ll discuss with each other how to handle topics and what kind of headlines to go with so they can fire round after round of whatever point they want to make

And the sad thing is over the many years even to the old GameGate days they love making gamers look bad as a collective. Anything for a hit piece.

victorMaje0m ago

Narrative control. I don’t like this at all.
Independent reviewers will be more important than ever.

Petebloodyonion1h ago

Probably Microsoft's fault!
They surely gave IGN the idea.
What's next IGN Pass?

But joke aside let's hope that this makes the news better compared to some of IGN branches

Jingsing46m ago(Edited 45m ago)

Microsoft and IGN work quite closely so it isn't a stretch to say this is a move to control the gaming press to get everyone singing from the Microsoft hymn sheet. Not a good look at all. It is transparent stuff like this which is backfiring in Microsoft's face. First they want control of all the games now the media.

crazyCoconuts2m ago

While there's obviously a desire to preserve add revenue and early access to review copies, I doubt there's the level of conspiracy here that you imply. I mean there's no direct link between MS and IGN right?

Christopher54m ago

Oh boy! If we've learned one thing about recent news, corporate shrinkage of an industry via buyouts from those at top only leads to good things for employees and consumers!

Aloymetal48m ago

IGN and Eurogamer...A match made in heaven!!

Lexreborn248m ago

Ummmm not sure that’s a good thing that all these review sites are under the same umbrella. There’s no guarantee that they will maintain a non-bias opinion not paid for by the highest bidder.

MrNinosan6m ago

They haven't been non-bias since GamePass was crowned "best service in gaming".

Charal38m ago(Edited 37m ago)

Ouch, that does not sounds good for Eurogamer.
With so much of the industry media that will more or less follow the same editorial line, it will be harder and harder to distinguish PR from actual journalism in a couple of years.

Thinking about it, may it explain their review score for Hellblade 2?

Christopher27m ago

***harder and harder to distinguish PR from actual journalism in a couple of years. ***

The age of gaming advertorials.

Petebloodyonion14m ago

You're right all of this is just to promote Hellblade 2 and inflate the score.
Also the why cuts are indeed coming to Eurogamer and other UK branches because they only gave Starfield an average score.

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2K Games’ big Summer Game Fest announcement needs to be Mafia 4

2K Games will take the stage at Summer Game Fest, and it is about time we got some good news about the state of Mafia 4's development.

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purple1011d 20h ago

Didn’t a leak about a max Payne remake surface a while ago?

banger881d 19h ago

I hope it's Mafia 4. And I really hope it's set during the 70s or 80s, and not a prequel of the first game as was rumoured.

PrecursorOrb1d 4h ago

Hoping for a Vegas mafia over here