Microsoft vs. Sony, stats from CES

Variety writes:

"I won't be able to transcribe my interview with Microsoft entertainment president Robbie Bach (who oversees videogames, amongst other things) until tonight, most likely. But between my talk to him, Microsoft's keynote last night, and Sony's keynote today (which included a section with Playstation topper Kaz Hirai talking videogames), I got a few interesting statistics worth comparing."

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Parapraxis3570d ago

"More than 1.3 million "unique users" have played "LittleBigPlanet." Note that this is not the same as Sony saying it has sold 1.3 million units of the game. There are more than 300,000 user-created levels already. It would take two straight years, non-stop, to play them all."

As many thought was true, this story
is wrong.

austere3570d ago

wut is your point? You are a PS3 fanboy making negative Sony statements. How dare you...I think you are confused.

Parapraxis3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

austere, I'm afraid it's you that is confused.
This story debunks another, I was simply pointing that out.
Oh and keep your fanboy comments to yourself.

And to those who disagree with the FACT that Kaz said that it was 1.3 UNIQUE users are currently playing the game, feel free to check the 42 minute 30 second mark of this video.
I don't even give a sh!t about sales, it doesn't change the fact that LBP is awesome, I simply noticed that the other article was wrong.

Omega63570d ago

I am about to crack an egg of EXTREME knowledge on you guys.

Game "console wars" have been around for a long time....but it was never as bad as this.
Let me inform you people as to why it is like this now. It's simple. Anyone who contributes to this "console" war is doing it for one reason only. Money. And who buys into it? 5-15 year olds and the occasional pathetic 30 year old pedo. Its become a market to light up these pathetic "hardcore" gamer babies who find some sort meaning in their lives at the moment and it actually pays off. And who most of all has made it their market to do this type of thing? Microsoft. Microsoft since the beginning has put itself directly against the ps3, which is fine, thats what they should do. But the manner in which they do so by making these kids think that they belong to a brand is just downright pathetic. True gamers see the bigger picture and frankly just stay away. 90% of internet arguments on the console war topic is just two losers trying to prove themselves when they both lose in reality. Like a certain someone said it best, War Has Changed.

lord_of_balrogs3570d ago

Your MGS4 says "war has changed," but my Fallout 3 says "war, war never changes."

Look Ma I can use quotes too.

Omega63570d ago

Was that suppose to be funny? or smart? Nice job on being ignorant to my post and trying to make an illogical point.

Death3570d ago

What does this make you Omega?


Omega63570d ago

A hypocrite. I had to make a sacrifice.

austere3570d ago

I think war hasn't changed. We just kill one another still. With weapons. Solid Snake is such a liar. He has gone senile in his older years.

TheCagyDies3570d ago

Eva also stated that war never changes, she mentions stuff like ideology, race, and religion. Then she tells Snake that this war (the war in MGS4) is no different from any other war...

ThanatosDMC3570d ago

HAHAH! That was great! Bubbles up for you.

user8586213570d ago

war will change, pretty soon we'll have robots fight for us :S

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Unicron3570d ago

If you care more about stats than the games themselves, and the fun of the hobby, I feel bad for you. Well not really, cuz I'm having fun!

Lon3wolf3570d ago

Exactly, I wonder if the sales/usage figures would be higher if people actually played the damn consoles instead of continual willy waving in forums.

Mutley4163570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Man I love eggs, but there is nothing wrong with enjoying the console wars, or even picking a side-

My PS3 has 15 user names on it-
My Xbox has 4
True gamers has a good K/D, a knack for tea baggin and spawn killin-
I wonder what Winston Churchill would say...LMAO-

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