The PS VR2's controllers aren't sold separately, and it's an enduring problem

It’s a terrible oversight to not have standalone Sense controllers for sale, especially when there are numerous reasons why someone might need another pair. Until replacements are made available, there will regularly be posts of players who suddenly find themselves with chewed-up controllers and no easy solutions in sight.

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ApocalypseShadow229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

They will eventually. Right now they are sold with the headset as a priority. Gamers wanted Sony to come out with better controllers and they have. Instead of splitting the have and have nots, everyone gets them and developers know they can program their games for 100% of the community. Same with the Dual Sense. Next year would be a good time after the headset reaches maturity. 1 to 2 million on the market at least.

Besides that, I know things break. But it's not even the first year yet. There should be a warranty on them if there's any problems. Unless the consumer is destroying their products. And maybe it's only me. But I still having working Atari, NES, Genesis, SNES, Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSVR, Aim, and OG Xbox controllers that work fine. Some are one only. And I've played many action, fighting and adventure games with these controllers. I still wonder how gamers break them so easily. Don't have controllers out for animals to chew on them knowing pets chew on their owner's things. Don't have them lying around and step on them. Don't rage abuse them and so forth. It's not that hard.

mandf229d ago

Atari was the only one I had problems 5 brothers and sisters will do that

Cacabunga228d ago

Like wii u.. great concept terrible execution and PR

Tacoboto229d ago

You always write these essays defending Sony for things that just don't and won't ever make sense.

Like no one is saying Sony should remove the controllers from the box. This one article is saying Sony should allow you to buy extra controllers. Why does that need a 200 word rebuttle?

MEGANE228d ago

As a PlayStation owner I found this very concerning, like they have a media remote no one was asking for(I still bought it 😂).

InUrFoxHole228d ago

Seriously I'm beginning to feel bad for the lil fella. Seems nice enough though.

Omegasyde228d ago

Agree. I want another set so I can game like a MF.

On Reddit I feel for the ppl whom have had dogs get to their controllers

crazyCoconuts228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

Main thing from his post: be patient, they're coming. controllers are still under warranty in case they break

shinoff2183228d ago

You didn't have to read it. I personally usually like shadows responses.

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Gamer75228d ago

What is wrong with having the option to buy the controllers separately

nirwanda228d ago

Maybe they will interfere with the signals of the ones you are using and it may lead to issues

crazyCoconuts228d ago

Because within the first year of a relatively small population of users no one would buy them. For the five people in the world looking for another set within the first year, they can call support and get another set sent to them.

JackBNimble228d ago

So we have to hope they don't malfunction in anyway until Sony decides to sell them separately?

Isn't that kind of anti-consumerism?

crazyCoconuts228d ago

No. If it's still under warranty so you get a replacement free

JackBNimble228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

Ok, I'll give you that one on a technicality but who wants to wait 6 to 8 weeks to have their controller fixed when they simply could buy a new one?
I'm sure some people would rather warranty a controller but i personally wouldn't especially considering for Canadians like me have to pay over $700 for psvr. Point is now I have a $700 peripheral I can't use for 2 months when it would have been easier just to buy a new controller.

outsider1624228d ago

"Same with the Dual Sense."

I disagree

Imagine the PS5 being sold sith a controller and no controllers for you to buy if you want to replace them especially with stickdrifts being an issue. There would be hell!

shinoff2183228d ago

Stickdrift? We aren't talking switch

Seriously though I haven't seen much issue with ps5 controllers. I've got 3 and maybe it's cause I got a healthy rotation.

Neonridr228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

@shinoff2183 - I've got 3 sets of Switch joy cons (2 since launch) and not one experienced drift. YMMV. The only controller that ever had a problem for me in the last gen or so was one of my DS4 controllers had a stuck trigger, couldn't depress it at all. Other than that, I've had no problems, even my Knuckle Controllers for my Index were fine.

Neonridr228d ago

a priority? the headsets are sitting on store shelves now, those who wanted to buy them got them.

I understand for the launch, but it's not like these things are still sold out anymore.

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Markdn228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

Or, look after your stuff and stop being so hashy with it. Simple right. Put them away somewhere at night, don't leave them lying about, Simple right.

CrimsonWing69228d ago

What if you get a defective controller out of the box?

LordStig228d ago

Consumer guarantees act.

CrimsonWing69228d ago (Edited 228d ago )


I mean, it could be a case where it’s a lemon and goes out after the period to get it exchanged.

My point was these issues aren’t exactly due to people not “taking care” of their equipment.

I’ve run into controllers that get stick drift a year into owning it. I take OCD levels of care of my stuff and I’m not rough on the analog sticks. This very well could be a situation for owners of PSVR 2 with the only option being eBay or buying another device altogether.

Know what I mean, Vern?

shinoff2183228d ago

Take it to the store you bought it at to replace. Still they should have them for sale or more easily accessible

Markdn227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

Take it back to the store ffs, are you on something?

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IRetrouk228d ago

So it was my fault I got one that wouldn't connect or register after a month of use?.... don't defend shit like this man.
They take the whole package back too, not just the controller you need fixed, selling extras would actually work out cheaper for sony, and still allow us to use our brand new headset🤷🏻‍♂️

Markdn227d ago

So still under warranty so easily replaced, get over it. Bohoo I have to send it all back, erm well what does it matter you ain't using it with one controller any ways.

IRetrouk227d ago

Stop the cap ffs🤣🤦‍♂️

Agent75228d ago

The cost isn’t for the faint hearted either.