Forza Motorsport vs Gran Turismo 7 Graphics, Physics, and FPS Comparison

We put Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo 7 through their paces as we dive deep into the graphics, and physical effects a player will feel on a direct drive wheel, and do some FPS testing on each. Both games were tested across several different tracks with various lighting and weather conditions. We also talked to real-world driver Super GT about his opinion on how the game feels to drive on a Fanatec steering wheel out of the gate while also asking for some tips to improve. Forza Motorsport vs Gran Turismo 7 framerate is also tested, but I think the results may be surprising to some.

Jin_Sakai255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

Rain and trees are better in Forza, car paint and lighting go to GT7. Forza also has a much better sense of speed. Polyphony need to do a better job in that area.

mandf255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

Arcade vs sim. That is why the sense of speed is different

Obscure_Observer255d ago

"That is why the sense of speed is different"

Nice try, but the reality is that sense of speed in Gran Turismo compared to FM is just bad. Not to mention the chase cam that´s is just awful. The stiff car looks like a photoshoped image slapped in the game.


LordoftheCritics255d ago

Forza is a superior experience.

I barely touch GT

darthv72255d ago

Horizon = Arcade
Motorsport = Sim (lite)

Gamingsince1981255d ago

Yeah it's good to see GT still the king, imagine that lol. Poor xbox can't win anything but court cases for monopolies.

Babadook7254d ago

Waiting for the big DF comparison. Spoiler alert; GT takes pole.

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babadivad254d ago

If Forza is an arcade racer then so is GT.

IRetrouk254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

Stop using doctored, cherry picked footage obscure it's embarrassing now😳
What's worse is your having to do this to an almost 2 year old cross gen game to try and get some sort of win for the "built from the ground up" greatest racer ever, next gen only release, you overhyped another ms game, and they released another buggy arcade game, with more cuts than a Kardashian, I've had enough of it already after 5 hours, how much have you played of either game?

peppeaccardo254d ago

FORZA is GARBAGE using a steering wheel.
Please check this Video Out: https://www.youtube.com/wat...
This game is not a 10/10 as everybody wants you to believe it is.
If you use a controller then it is another story.

VariantAEC250d ago

I don't think DF will be objective on this one. If they give GT7 the credit it deserves and say it is number 1, I would honestly be taken aback a bit.

For the time being some Taiwanese dude has been doing the heavy lifting for DF.
Just look at the trainwreck that FM23's graphics actually are... and it's not just the cars, but also the tracks and even those trees.

6 years... of what? Really. Let's not forget that IGN failed to mention any of FM23's bugs. Weird. Right now MS is likely paying reviewers to slant things and the trolls in the comments are still arguing there is some kind of anti-Xbox lean in the mainstream gaming press. It's all repugnant.

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Obscure_Observer255d ago

Car paint I agree, but lighting? GT7 can´t come close, Dustin commented about Sony´s weird choices regarding that feature.

GT7 is great, don´t get me wrong, but Forza Motorsport is just the superior racer overall.


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CML2255d ago

Has a lower Metacritic average than GT7 though. 🤔

z2g255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

it has a lower metacritic score by 2 points... but 15 more points you can assume is playstation bias.

Also this is the truth. I am an AVID race fan. I play iRacing on full blown sims and on a home PC. I play GT7 on PS5 and Forza MS on Series X (and I dabble a bit in real life with an e46 m3).

If you are playing Forza MS with a controller, yes there is a bit of pad on the sim. That being said, Forza MS is in fact a sim. Previous Forza games have dialed the sim back a hair from GT but it's still a sim.

Now then, THIS Forza MS is a whole rebuilt, rebooted game. It only has that pad on the controller now. If you upgrade to a good wheel like a Logitech G or a Fanatec, this is where things get different. You have a whole suite of sim options. You can control thing like road scale, feedback forces, steering, braking and a whole bunch more. The higher you make these values the more realistic the sim gets. Out of the box these settings are very low so it's a bit more forgiving than GT7. With proper adjustments I'd argue it's BETTER than GT7 - I assume this is bc it has more contact points per wheel.

FORZA MS is just a better game overall. That doesn't mean GT7 sucks. I love GT7, but the Forza MS is just better. And in regards to reviews, there truly is always a bit of a bias towards Xbox. but considering that out of 72 metacritic reviews FMS is sitting at 85, and gt7 is at 87... and then you watch this video, I think you get what I'm saying.

Hypertension140255d ago (Edited 255d ago )


This is the video I was talking about in my last post, the guy is a huge Xbox fanboy he will do anything to make Forza look better. Notice how he didn't even talk about the car models because he knows GT7 is a generation ahead and the fact that he's comparing the 30fps mode and how poor the textures are.

Look at channels like MotogamesTV or Calem MrNazreenn for a more fair comparison, they try to match all settings to make them as close as possible.

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Nacho_Z254d ago

I wouldn't say Forza was the better game overall but to be fair for me it's prettier. I like the lighting and effects more than GT7s and the sense of speed is greater.

It's like comparing FIFA and PES, FIFA has all the flashy presentation but a bit lacking on the gameplay and PES is weak on the presentation but has the gameplay depth to make up for it. Matter of preference.

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PrinceOfAnger255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

I am having so much fun with the game it has far better gameplay and car control than FM7 Imo, the Ray tracing reflections and RT AO in game play give the game a beautiful look lighting is gorgeous at night!

From df
"Definitely one of the better looking racing games in recent memory"

this entry is a substantial upgrade over Forza Motorsport 7, with much better lighting, greatly improved PBR materials, high fidelity foliage and more accurate reflections.

MEGANE254d ago

Witch is 80% of xbox owners, so most Forza players get an inferior version of an inferior game.

badz149255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

Most probably not RT but rather SSR.

LOL this has been proven by DF too. Nice try! Oh and don't forget car models from the 360 generation!

PrinceOfAnger254d ago

The game has RTAO and ray-tracing reflection on cars

SSR on wet tracks, and Ray tracing on car bodies "
- Ray tracing also used in some limited track side objects in Quality mode."

try again it's like you are saying the game doesn't have ray tracing in game at all like GT7 with it's 2D trees crowd lol.

Turn 10 has clearly calibrated the game around hitting high frame-rates consistently on console hardware, and to achieve 60fps gameplay with two RT effects on Series X is a bit of an accomplishment."

"it's clear that Forza Motorsport is an impressive-looking racing game. There are intricate car models, detailed and well-lit tracks, with ray-traced reflections."

VariantAEC250d ago

Driveclub used SSR on everything and managed to also include it on car bodies. Go back and look at footage of opponents passing eachother... oh, what's that? They show up in reflections on body paintwork! That was on PS4 without modern raytracing. SSR is technically a form of RT, but it gets complicated especially as most see raytracing in SSR and modern GPU accelerated raytracing as completely differently due to Nvidia's misuse of the terminology.

Raycasting, raymarching, raytracing, and pathtracing what even is the difference? Not much in all actuality, and Driveclub uses two of those techniques. Fully volumetric raymarched clouds and raycasting into screen-space for both glossy and diffuse surfaces, which is more than what FM23 does. Driveclub also manages some form of AO that functions like more expensive HBAO and realtime GI, which is handled via dynamic probe lighting (and is extremely expensive to the point that, realtime RT is actually a time saver in terms of classical rasterized rendering on GPUs).

GT7 is not as visually accomplished as Driveclub either (despite running in a native 4K at 60FPS without RT and 4K30 with RT). That said, Forza Motorsport 23 falls well short of GT7 on PS4 visually speaking and even in terms of.output resolutions XSX is still looking a bit weak next to GT7 on PS4 Pro. Turn 10 also, just seemed to discover refraction and even so rear reflection and refraction isn't being handled well on anything in FM23. GT7 HID headlights are absolutely beautiful (lit or unlit) and FM23 can't touch the accuracy of GT7's shader quality not just on headlights, but that extends all materials. FM23 just looks wrong.

Then we have this: https://youtu.be/Cu1pj1aKPn...
Seriously, who looks at FM23 as realistic when at no point and in no area does it actually look closer to reality. GT7 in these comparisons with real life, sweeps the chimny with FM23, then throws it in the dumpster. That is putting things nicely, F123 looks more realistic than FM23.

What did turn 10 do with that 6 years? Pick each others noses?

VariantAEC250d ago

The above comparison looks at FM23 car models. And also tracks which includes real world images for comparison. GT7 vs real life vs FM23. Which one wins... real life of course... but of the two games GT7, obviously. Don't think so?

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purple101255d ago

See how when you corner in Forza the back end slips out immediately, yeah that doesn't happen in real life.

You need to increase throttle… drastically, or give it the 'scandi flick' for that to happen.


When you upgrade the exhaust in Forza the car sounds EXACTLY the same.

It's the little things for me.

badz149255d ago

And the sim element is so real to life, your car keeps being upgraded the more you drive it it's crazy that car manufacturers have all hide this awesome feature from all of us all this time just so they can sell us new cars! My MPV is now clocked at over 180k km, I should be the king of the Nurburgring by now!

kingPoS241d ago

Yeah.. I can attest to that. In GT7 It's particularly noticeable in one make races. Most cpu opponents would be naturally aspirated, some might be super charged or turbo charged. But when it comes to the muffler notes themselves, they're as distinct as they are varied.

Gateway MT6706 2008

FPS_D3TH255d ago

So that depends entirely on whether the car is RWD, FWD or AWD. You would only Scandinavian flick an under steering FWD car. Losing grip around corners in a RWD car is in fact very real lmfaoo