Ars Technica: Dead Rising Hands on - totally not terrible

It was an interesting thing to play Dead Rising: Chop 'till you Drop on the Wii at Capcom's suite. Gamers who have never played the Xbox 360 original are going to have a much better time; it's hard to stomach the Wii's graphics after being accustomed to the 360's HD goodness.

In fact, Ars Technica wasn't allowed to take pictures of the screen because there was an issue with the television and the game wasn't running in widescreen mode. The Capcom representative who demoed the game with them addressed, in a somewhat exasperated tone, the complaints about the game's graphics. "Yes, it has fewer zombies," he told them. "There just isn't a way to get the [graphics from the original game] onto the Wii."

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Axelay3573d ago

Not bad, after all there are some positive opinion on this game.
But it's a shame that this game is not on part graphically with at least resident 4.