Kotaku: Prototype CES 09 Impressions

Kotaku writes:

"Radical and Activision brought a newly previewable build of the open world game Prototype to CES, showing it off in the THX booth. THX? Why? Well, Prototype is THX 7.1 certified on the Xbox 360.

Obviously, Prototype sounded pretty darn good in the THX stage room. It had better, if Activision's going to borrow demo room time from THX.

But we were more impressed with what was happening on-screen in Prototype, which follows the violent, sandbox-style adventures of superhuman amnesiac Alex Mercer. If you don't know the premise, Mercer wakes up, super-powered and pissed, determined to find out how he became blessed with the ability to turn his arms into blades and climb the walls of New York City's skyscrapers."

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Cajun Chicken3572d ago

Not Spring, Before Autumn and Winter


thereapersson3572d ago

Why is this only listed in the PS3 section when it's a multiplatform title? The article even mentions their hands-on time being on the 360 version.