CES09: Halo Wars + Red Ring = Fail

Gamertag Radio reports "So were checking out the gameplay of Halo Wars. Now, I'm not a RTS fan but the chance to control all aspects of the field was pretty interesting.

Then, as the title of this article says, the inevitable happens. Yes, Microsoft's brand new addition to the Halo series suffers from another RROD error. From what I understand, since its only a 2 light error, it is most likely an overheating issue. Yes, its a Dev kit and the display was probably not allowing enough cool air to pass through to the console, but c'mon MS! This is the next step for your flagship title at CES???"

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rucky3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

When we'll be rid of you no one knows. I thought the new Jasper suppposedly fixed this issue... *dum dum duuuuuuum*

3985d ago
Venomish3985d ago

your comment made me laugh, bubbles for you

Bnet3433985d ago

Damn Xbox 360 hardware sucks lol.

FrankenLife3985d ago

lolololololllloooololololol.ll loololooollolllllllllloooool

Tarasque3985d ago

Funny when you buy Halo Wars you also get what they quote "As a free RROD expansion"

BattleAxe3985d ago

It seems like MS has a console that Red Rings at every major event. The failure rate is probably much higher then 33%.

Shadow Flare3985d ago

Anybody who defends this crap console needs to wake the [email protected] up

pain777pas3984d ago

Get real though people everyone with a 360has faced this face it. I haven't heard of one person that this did not happen to. The failure rate is probably 100% its just a matter of time and I got my 360 when it was $400 and came with graw and arcade games same day took home RR6 and nba 2k7 little over 8months later months later RROD. 3weeks till I got it back gave to my girl got a used PS3 and called it a day on M$ you'll not fool me again maybe nextgen.

Parappa083983d ago

the red lights problem will never be fixed which just goes to show microsofts laziness

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Raoh3985d ago


i feel my loud azz engine about to take off 360 is some what safe from rrod. the current fan and its previous bake fix seem to be running very well.

but this is proof that the new 360's are rrod prone still.. microsoft wouldnt use old 360's for demos at ces.

the beta testing continues..

the 360 = windows vista

the new xbox to come = windows 7

shelbygt333985d ago

2 red lights does not equal RROD.

Please read the article prior to posting.

f7897903985d ago

Microsoft's still not giving display consoles enough ventilation. Sure its not RROD but they are still letting the consoles overheat. I mean you see a problem and you fix it, not continue to do the same thing over again.

shelbygt333984d ago

I never disagreed that it still looks bad, simply letting the poster know his assumption was incorrect that 2 red lights = RROD.

Sibs3983d ago

Yes, but overheating directly causes RRoD (fried components)

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ultimolu3985d ago

Of all places...CES? o_O

Donkeykonga3985d ago

I've seen worse... I remember a friend showing me a picture of 5 display xbox 360's all showing their RRsOD. 0_o This kinda thing is only bound to happen once in a while.

LilMissGoddess3985d ago

lol...go figure, big mac speaks again...i swear she uses her ps3 for movie so she can see how many big macs she can cram in her throat at once...lmao, never still beats the ps3, sorry big mac queen!!!

demoneyeslaharl3985d ago

snrt... lmao!

You didn't even try. lol.