Gameplayer: H.A.W.X Co-op Multiplayer Hands On

Gameplayer Writes:
In retrospect, the movie Top Gun was an extremely educational experience that armed us with skills for life. First up, it taught us that chicks totally dig it when you mortify them with your sub-par karaoke skills. Secondly, we now know that if you make a mistake in the US Navy they make you fly a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong. Last but not least, it taught us that four oiled up, half naked men playing beach volleyball together, listening to the Kenny Loggins croon "Hangin' out with the boys" is an activity with zero homoerotic undertones. *Cough*...

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Blaze9293596d ago

Nice, didnt know this game would have that! Once this comes out maybe finally they can make GRAW3, been waiting too long for it.

SlappingOysters3596d ago

I have been looking for a fun multiplayer flight game since X-wing vs. TIE fighter.

Crimson Skies on the Xbox was ok, but this is shaping up to be killer!