Microsoft's Bach: we'd do Zune differently

Cnet writes:

"I tuned into today's conversation between Microsoft's Robbie Bach and financial analysts at CES. Bach is the president of the company's Entertainment and Devices division, which includes Xbox, Windows Mobile, retail channel relationships, and most of the other fun stuff. It also includes the Zune, which, given its lack of financial impact on the company, he didn't spend a lot of time on.

Toward the end however, one analyst (not identified on the recording) suggested that the company's foray into MP3 players had been a waste of time. Today, Microsoft talks about providing software and services on "three screens"--the PC, the TV, and mobile devices. So why did Microsoft make a foray into hardware, which alienated its device-maker partners (remember PlaysForSure?), and probably cost the company tens or hundreds of millions so far. "

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TasteLikeVictory3570d ago

They both failed and are hardly what they could have been.

MolotovMan12633570d ago

I love my Zune. So very very much.

DJ3570d ago

With a great interface and style. But against the iPod Touch? Doesn't stand a chance.

thereapersson3570d ago

There are a lot of Zune haters out there, but I really love my Zune 80gb. The hardware is very solidly designed (i've dropped my Zune on a hard surface more than a couple times), and the audio quality is very good for a player without an EQ. It certainly beats the sound quality of the newer iPods, that's for sure.

I've been looking at getting a Zune 120, because my 80 is currently maxed out with all music. If I got the 120, I could have my entire collection with me everywhere. I still buy CD's, but I don't use them anymore in my car because it's much easier to have an MP3 player, and not worry about discs getting stolen.

Death3570d ago

itunes has better content, but the ease of use and integration of the Zune software especially combined with Media Center can't be beat. With that said, I don't know how anyone can live without an ipod Touch. If you could combine the Zune's software ease of use with the ipod Touch it would be perfect. I use my Zune as a portable media keg and my Touch for just about everything else. Only my favorite CD's and songs hit the touch in lossless quality to make use out of my Bose in ear headphones.


DJ3570d ago

They really need to advertise the "Tune Sharing" feature a lot more. But it suffers from the cold start issue; great feature to have, but only if there's people in your vicinity that also are using a Zune.

One solution is to set up a Zune at every starbucks that Zune owners can connect to and share (i.e. download) music from. Call it a "Zune Station" or whatever. It'll draw attention to this cool feature, and make Zune people more at home and more likely to share music with each other.

thereapersson3570d ago

That'd be a good idea. Or just set up a Zune, pre-loaded with a bunch of new artists, with wireless sharing turned on, so people can check it out and grab some new tunes.

Graphics Whore3570d ago

Getting Zune software to work properly is a pain in the ass.

thereapersson3570d ago

How so? All I did was install it, run the update for my Zune hardware, and import my media library. What exactly did you have trouble with?

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austere3570d ago

first order of business would be to fire whoever came up with that horrible f*cking name. Zune...that name alone makes me not interested.

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