Tekken 6 director interview

Here is a director's message on Tekken 6 as previewed at the AOU07 event. A NEOGAF member has also posted what he thinks he's saying at the NEOGAF forums.

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techie4893d ago

I hope thats at how stupid it was to think she was a bloke. She was clearly a girl from the begining - keep watching the trailer and see her boyish feminity ooze

DJ4893d ago

made everyone second-guess themselves. I don't even know why the director was asked that, haha. Watch, he's probably grilling his artists as we speak.

techie4892d ago

I don't think there's anything wrong with a boyish girl - she reminds me of Meg Ryan somewhat. I don't think computer games should fall into the sexist thing that girls should be really feminine and blokes should be really manly...there's enouh of those social conventions in the real world.

Athlon4893d ago

I'm surprised as well. It looks like I was wrong. It's shaping up to be a really awesome fighter. I would like to see some examples as to how the stages can be used to one's benefit. The game is only 15% completed? I can't wait to see how much it will improve.

GaMr-4892d ago

Like I said. Another Triple A fighter due for 2007. They throw online fighting in this bad boy and Sony owners wont even know a game called Virtua Fighter was even released.

"Virtua whaattt???" Just kidding Virtua Fighter is triple A also. Keep em coming Sony. Your fans need this, The none believers need this and most of all "YOU NEED THIS" !!!

kamakazi4892d ago

so tekken now has a "BRIDGET" character ala guilty gear x 2. lol again cant wait for this game.

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