CES '09: Sony Keynote Video

Sony CEO Howard Stringer and CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro speak of the economy, Sony's 'Innovation Checklist', Playstation 3 and Home, OLEDs, and other assorted awesome-sounding gadgetry. Plus, Tom Hanks and Reggie Jackson!

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Parapraxis3572d ago

Wow...Tom Hanks is nuts. Entertaining I guess, but I expect there are many people at Sony that were ready to strangle him.

nomad1173572d ago

LOL The power of sony has made Tom Hanks there puppet.

Awookie3572d ago

Bluetooth video player? was that a joke or a screwup?
Anyway Tom Hanks is going overboard

TOO PAWNED3572d ago

Yeah, what is wrong with Tom Hanks, like he was making fun of every sony product. Was he on drugs?

shawnsl653572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

i'm going to assume that his movie isn't going to be any good.. since he can't even follow a script correctly nor make it entertaining. Those Sony Glasses can be pretty useful in a texas holdem tournament ;S.

thereapersson3572d ago

Is it just me or does Howard Stringer look like he came back from the dead?

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