SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 Update Coming January 9th!

Seth Luisi writes "The news you have all been waiting for. The SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 update has been approved and will be released tomorrow, January 9th, at about 5am EST (2am PST, 1000 UTC/GMT, 1900 JST/KST). The SOCOM: Confrontation server will be down for 1 to 2 hours at that time in order to update the server for the new update. Everything should be back up and running at about 7am EST (4am PST, 1200 UTC/GMT, 2100 JST/KST).

In order to resolve incorrect player stats and to correct the stats for the Trophy support, we will be clearing all player statistics with the release of the SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 update. This will be done when the server is updated."

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Raoh3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

sorry resistance 2

sorry valkyria chronicles

sorry texas hold' em

sorry little big planet

sorry motorstorm 2

sorry all my movies i stream..

but if this update does what it promises............ some of my favorite games may not see me for a while

bring it on

PSN: LordRaoh


edit********* and thank god i stopped playing for a while waiting for the update.. now i dont feel bad about my stats being reset.

mugoldeneagle033574d ago

Being as I'm a Socom-Fanatic, I'm very happy there's finally an official date, but there's still no denying that we should have had every one of these features on October 14th. When the game launched...

But god damn this makes for a good weekend

morganfell3574d ago

I have still been running SOCOM hours and hours every week since it's release. I never lost the faith. The last month has been a blast. We have had some fantastic and brutal matches. SOCOM still reigns as a singularly unique MP experience.

mindedone3574d ago

I'm only interested in the stability issues

Raoh3574d ago

not only for me.. even if this fixes everything and shoots socom sales up

sony owes me.. i paid full price for the socom bundle (love the headset) but even if broken the promised socom was not delivered...

i cant wait for killzone 2, but sony screwed me, they should have put their marketing and money and resources behind socom not killzone. or and socom.

sony didnt need a halo killer.. it just needed to make socom its one true online ps2 game (outside of everquest online adventures and final fantasy 11)

long live the playstation brand but screw you sony for ruining my socom: confrontation experience..

with that said..

i'm as giddy about this update as a japanese school boy at a hentai convention

shqype3574d ago

This patch is the mother of all patches, haha.

I'm glad that they're clearing the stats to give all a level playing field, but it sucks for those that have already spent countless hours on it!

Rip-Ridah3574d ago

I literally stopped playing this game because of bugs, glitches, and plain weird stuff happening in the game. Hopefully when I get back to Socom, everything will be as it should be. We all know that the game has massive potential and that is probably why a lot of us have had the patience with this title that we've had. With that said, I hope to see you all on the battlefield! "Tango Down!!"

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The story is too old to be commented.