FamilyFriendlyGaming Review: Bigfoot Collision Course

Family Friendly Gaming writes:

"Bigfoot Collision Course sounds great on paper. Take some Monster Trucks (editor: like Bigfoot), throw in some race tracks, and you should have any instant classic right? Well the WMG is realizing that there needs to be a lot more to make an instant classic. There are also some things that look great on paper, but do not live up to the hype in reality. No worries friends, and family because stick with this review to comprehend where the WMG is going in this review.

Bigfoot Collision Course includes some great pictures of Monster Trucks, and it got the WMG excited about going to a Truck Rally. Then the game level started, and the details dropped drastically. The camera was generally good, with a few exceptions. Bigfoot Collision Course has some issues with the camera jerking when certain objects (like walls) are bumped into. The WMG also found a way to almost continually rotating the vehicle around on its side to back. In fact getting back to the proper horizontal/vertical combination took a few seconds."

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