Linux-based HP Mini Mi ships with command line disabled

Ars writes:

"Yesterday, while looking through the Comdex news feeds, I stumbled across a Mini Mi 1000 HP product announcement from HP. The Mini Mi retails from just $329.99 and ships with Mobile Internet, a "user-friendly, all-inclusive interface built on Linux". What caught my eye on the product page wasn't the description of the GUI, it was what followed on the next line. Preceded by "Please note" in bold, the HP page states "the Linux command line interface is disabled on this edition." "

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moja3574d ago

They seem too concerned about their ability to troubleshoot a linux box for the consumer. I mean, don't they have a recovery disc anyway? Someone new to linux wouldn't be mucking around in the CLI, and a savvy user wouldn't trash the system. Linux's user model isn't designed to be easy to break things anyway.

It's better they offer it with no OS and the distro disc of choice.