Patent pops up, possibly shows Zelda will become more casual

A patent was discovered today that was apparently filed away with Shigeru Miyamoto as the inventor. There has been no confirmation that this patent is anything new, and if not, there's no clear indication about how it is. A few people have been doing a bit of investigating though. Interestingly, the details may be related to Zelda and might show that the series will take a more casual approach.

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iamtehpwn3572d ago

we hardly knew ye.......

Jpinter3572d ago

Nintendo you are killing me!!! hold onto your hardcore roots and save your classic titles. please!

you can let all the other shovelware on your system but dont include your classic Zelda!

Chris3993572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

"[0158]As described above, in the present embodiment, when a player cannot find how to solve the “puzzle” which is set in the game, the player is allowed to view, in the scene, moving images for indicating how to solve the puzzle when the player desires to.

Therefore, a player that cannot find how to solve the “puzzle” may not become stuck with the game, and reduction, due to the puzzle being unsolved, in motivation for clearing the game may be prevented."

Translation: "If you get stuck on a puzzle, you can call upon a movie that will show you exactly how it is done."

It gets worse - or better, depending upon your viewpoint - the more of the patent document that you read.

Funny thing is that I got blasted the other day when I said that a casual Zelda was likely in the works.

From yesterday, I think:

Ain't life funny? :)

- C

P.S. The phantom disagrees strike again! Terrifying disembodied specters bent on bearing their negative opinions on the living! Seriously though, this place is supposed to be a forum for discussion, if you disagree, say "why". It's called a conversation, you phantoms should try it sometime.

mfwahwah3571d ago

"if you disagree, say 'why'"


I hate people who complain about disagrees and agrees.

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Product3572d ago

no way will there ever be this sort of "pic which level to start" Zelda game......maybe a unlockable after you finish the game but no way offered at the start.....that would defeat the purpose.

Start the flame and rumors.

linkmaster953572d ago

Hints are nothing new. Most Zelda games had both visual hints and hints from navi/tatl/midna. I just hope that if "hints" are included in the next Zelda, they don't give away the answer.

UltimateIdiot9113572d ago

No, just no Nintendo. There are enough casual games in the market, I haven't pick up the Wii because there are not enough hardcore games to justify the purchase, this is giving me fewer and fewer reason. I want a challenge not mindless swinging and button mashing.

meepmoopmeep3572d ago

Nintendo doesn't care about you or me or the hardcores

why should they, they've won this gen by casuals
so they have their new target audience now.

FantasyStar3572d ago

Nintendo has already accosted the Zelda series of a true "next-gen debut". Nintendo's audience is a lady that shoved credit cards in the Wii disc-slot. It's no surprise that the words "casual" and "Zelda" can exist in the same sentence at this point given Nintendo's Wii-track record.

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The story is too old to be commented.