Ve3tro: Guitar Hero: World Tour Review, Mew To The Rock.

Ve3tro Writes: "It's hard to believe that the Guitar Hero franchise has only been around for 3 years given the popularity and the 9 iterations that already exist, but Activision no longer have it all their own way as their latest entry in the series goes toe-to-toe with former GH partner Harmonix's Rock Band 2, and whilst Guitar Hero: World Tour offers features that will probably never appear in the Rock Band games.

More importantly it's a major leap forward from GH3 which was poorly received and perceived as being difficult just for the sake of it. In addition to the inclusion of drums and vocals, Neversoft have thankfully toned back the difficulty when compared to 'Legends of Rock', with only the truly insane parts (read BYOB and Satch Boogie) keeping the ridiculous level of difficulty."

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