Nintendo hides Wii's HD

According to a Nintendo executive revealed that the Wii GPU has full hi-def capabilities.

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OutLaw5700d ago

It's hard to believe the Inquirer and every time I turn they always say how some executive was drunk.

Balance5700d ago

add another BS vote for me

dissectionalrr5700d ago

why is that so unbelievable? every computer i've owned since 1995 has had "hd capability". all that means is that it can output video at 1280x720. pretty much anything modern can do that. there is no reason to think wii isn't capable of something the original xbox was. it's just a little resolution bump, nothing magical.

MikeGdaGod5700d ago

what format would be used to get HD on the Wii? it can't even play dvds

Marty83705700d ago

Game Cube could only do 480p,Yet PS2 & Xbox could do 720p,1080i.Wii hardware has no real differences to GC other than CPU runs faster and the Wiimote.I doubt that Wii can do any Hi Def graphics other than 480p.

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