Why are PS3's sitting on shelves? Well, duh...

This is an interesting article found on the slow sales of the PS3. It makes some logical points as to why Sony's next Gen console is not flying off store shelves as one would expect it to.

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TheMART4896d ago


All old stuff. Ofcourse it can all be true but...

Does it really matter??? The thing is sitting on the shelves, period. And even the European launch don't give that much new very good exclusives. Only Motorstorm added to the other one game that's good, not AAA great, just good: Resistance.

So even @ the European launch still not worth paying 600 dollars for. If you want to have the best bang for your gaming buck this year and you don't own a next gen console or a Wii yet, take this road:

Buy a Wii first. It'll cost ya 250 Euro. You'll be enjoying that up till the moment the price of the 360 drops. Which will somewhere this year (every console gets a lowered price in mostly their second year of their lifecycle). The drop will be with 50 to 100 Euro. So a premium 360 for 299 to 349 Euro. 300 + 250, for 550 Euro you have the best -exclusive- games plus some fun gaming with the motion WiiMote on the supercharged gamecube.

That's the way to go in Europe, simple as that.

Shadow Flare4896d ago

You neglected to reply to a question i asked you in a previous article,so i thought i'd reiterate it. And for the book, im being genuine and truthful

You have a go at the ps3, 3 months into its life span for not having AAA titles. Martyr, i want you to list me all the REAL, EXCLUSIVE AAA titles that are available on the 360 as of NOW, and dont include Gears of War. Im expecting to see alot since its been out for 15 months compared to ps3s mere 3 months. Im also interested to see how many shooters you list

techie4896d ago

There's no need to join in with Mart. Look at his picture - he had that before the ps3 was released I'm sure.

Anyway Gears is amazing, but it has been criticized for its formulaic gameplay and length of the single-player section.

And resistence is 88% and in places getting 90% - it's certainly an AAA title.

The 360 did have two AAA titles when it released and that was COD2 and Oblivion - neither of them exclusives. What I do find amuzing is 360 fanboys saying that Oh Oblivion wasn't great anyway...have it...when it's average score is above gears of war at 95%...

Boink4896d ago (Edited 4896d ago )

lost planet, dead rising, blue dragon (for japanese anyway), GRAW, Oblivion.

2 of them are shooters, and yes I'm fully aware that oblivion and GRAW are coming to the ps3...eventually. they did however sell extremely well while they were exclusive to the 360.

anyone can debate if these are AAA titles or not, guess it depends on your preference, they are all HUGE sellers none the less.

Eternal E 8084896d ago

And deepbrown i dont recall anyone from the 360 side say anything bad about oblivion now but not then.

FirstknighT4896d ago

Well the ps3 has been ranked as one of the worst game launches in history while the 360 has been called one of the best. Call of Duty 2, GRAW, and Oblivion were AAA beasts! But we also had the best arcade racer available in PGR3! Classic games like Kameo. Great 3D fighting in Dead or Alive 4. The 360 had everything covered early on.

techie4896d ago

I recall it because I read it on this very site.

And saying "oh we've had it for a year..blahblah" Everyone was psyched when Tomb Raider came from the PC to the PS1!

TheMART4895d ago

@ Shadow neglected?

haha come on dude, I don't read all you type, because a lot isn't interesting.

Go find the average gamerscores on the 360 and PS3 launch titles and come back to answer your own question. Average for PS3 games will be somewhere around 60%, maybe 70, the 360 had them around 80% to 90%

COD2, Condemned, PGR3 and even Kameo. Followed by GRAW, FNR3, Oblivion and more.

Actually it doesn't matter what happened a year ago. It's about right here, right now. The PS3 is up to the 360 right here, right now. And it has a lack of good games period.

@ Deepbrown

Nope, you're wrong. That picture came with the lies of the PS3. Although a dying PS2 by a drive after a very short time doesn't make a gamer happy also. Sony got the Dreamcast to die by their lies last gen, they tried again this gen. But they failed because people read the internet more nowadays and don't believe them blindly anymore

Resistance isn't an AAA title. The average is what, 8.6? While Gears got 9.3.

Oblivion is a great game indeed, there I agree

Raist4895d ago

8.9 for RFOM actually

And 8.0 for LP
8.1 For Kameo
8.2 For Condemned
Talk about AAA titles huh.
No to mention games like GRAW, Oblivion, Condemned were not even exclusives.

nix4895d ago

i like mart. somehow.. he does know how to corner himself. q:

techie4895d ago

Yes Gears is a great game...but it came out a year after the 360 lifespan - you've only just got it. Before gears you had Oblivion and COD2 and that was it.

bobbybrown4895d ago

dead rising AAA? please........

Shadow Flare4895d ago

reading through you guys replies, ive summed up that the TRUE EXCLUSIVE AAA titles available on the 360 as of now are:

Gears of War
Lost Planet
Dead Rising
Blue Dragon

Every other game mentioned were either ports or just not AAA titles

Bottom line, TheMARTYR SHUT UP. 360 has been out for 15 months and can show off only 4 AAA exclusives(and they dont spread the genres well either) PS3 has been out 3 months and already has 2 AAA exclusives, Motorstorm and Resistance with Heavenly Sword and Lair on the way

TheMART4894d ago

Shadow, so wrong

AAA with me is well over 90%. Resistance isn't period.

The games I mentioned @ launch all were over 80% indeed. Besides Resistance which games on the PS3 came over 80%? They're all around 70% or below...

I was just showing you that at this point in time, the 360 has a better game line up then the PS3 and that will stay that way for a long time. There are more games coming out for the 360 still and earlier (GRAW 1 was an exclusive by the way, GRAW 2 will come to the PS3, but only in fall, while 360 owners will get it in March already).

PS3 shows off 2 AAA exclusives? So define an AAA title please. Resistance is mediocore in everything besides it's weapons. It's not well into 90% average reviewscores. It's not AAA. It's good, but not great.

Motorstorm, has it been released already besides Japan, with 8 tracks and no online features?

The PS3 has one of the worst launches of gaming history with games. Go find some Giant Crabs. What average reviewscore did that funny game Genji got by the way?

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Boink4896d ago

there is no 1 big reason as to why they are sitting on the shelves, it's not like it sucks or is of poor quality, it just a make up of all the things the article lists, plus probably a few more.

price, lack of games, bad press, strong competition, etc.

the best time to judge how it is doing will be throughout 07, and the 07 xmas season. as pretty much every other argument about this "war" has said.

Monchichi0254895d ago

comes from the website Nothing else has to be said! LOL Great objective journalism huh???

Oh and they forget to mention how the 360 was not able to be found on store shelves till Late March????? Guess that doesn't apply this year huh?? Just face it people, nobody wants to pay that much for a Overhyped BluRay player when you have better options out. Simple as that..

Merovee4895d ago

Boink, I never post on this site, just look up the articles, but thank you for being one of the few with a system specific logo (and presumably preference??) that doesn't rag the competition, and has well thought statements. Real gamers thank you.

Eternal E 8084896d ago

what dose "we've have had it for a year" have to do with "saying that Oh Oblivion wasn't great anyway" hmmm i find this amusing.

techie4895d ago

Exactly - those are just some quotations from 360 fanboys from he Oblivion ps3 posts. All seems highly irrelevant and illogical to me as well. Glad you agree.

FordGTGuy4895d ago

its $600 and were all not rich.

OutpostCommand4895d ago

Not meaning to sound like im flaming you-
im not, but I have a big question:
Is $600 that much ?
I dont see it that way.

We Europeans are paying around $800 for just the console (£550 ($950) probably in the end once we have games, HDMI cables, and all that), but a lot of us just cough up for it and dont think twice.
I dont understand-
there are graphic cards out there which cost more than the PS3, and they have a lifespan many, MANY times shorter than the PS3, and yet there are people still willing to pay that much.
So I do beg for you to answer this to me-
why is $600 too much for a console which will last atleast 4 years before becoming last gen ?
I...I dont quite comprehend.

CyberSentinel4895d ago (Edited 4895d ago )

Sure there are $500.00 dollar PC video cards, but not everyone has to buy a $500.00 video card to play PC Games. I myself will only invest $200-250 for a new card every 2 years. By comparing the performance charts from some well known independent magazine/website publishers, I try to make the best economical/performance purchase I can. With the PS3 there is no choice, its 500 dollars or NOTHING. That was a piss poor comparison. If you really want to know why there not selling genius, go to your local toy store and ask the customers. You may be surprised to find out that price actually does have something to do with it.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4895d ago

Are middle or lower class? because price does matter to the lower class which is where most of the world is.

OutpostCommand4895d ago

The PS3 is not out over here yet, but I will tell you this
Most people over here (London) are getting a PS3 (That I know), a few are getting (Or already have) a 360, and no one is getting a Wii.
I think its a safe assumption that price isnt too big a deterant here then.
Wii, which is £180, is viewed as 'that gimmicky console'.
No one is interested, no matter how cheap it is.
This is not the best example to base my calculations on, but its not too bad.

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Master of Menace4895d ago (Edited 4895d ago )

Man, I am tracking you, now. That is so right. With the PS3 you're getting a Blu-ray player and a games machine, cheaper than a stand alone Blu-ray player. Then there's all the other stuff that XBOX 360 doesn't come with.(oh, that's right they didn't need it). They didn't need it, now XBOX fans are saving up for the NEW black XBOX 360. And it still doesn't have HD-DVD playback (oh, that's right the add-on). Face the facts, the PS3 is good value for money, give up the argument that it's too expensive. Oh, the PS3 may not be flying off the shelves, but it is selling (it has reached nearly 2 million in 3 months). The XBOX 360 is not flying off shelves either. It will give the PS3 a better chance to increase sales during the European launch.

OutpostCommand4895d ago (Edited 4895d ago )

thank you very much !

And I also agree that its true we are getting much more.
Poke fun at Blu-Ray as much as you like 360 fanboys, but im sure if it was the other way around, they would not complain a single bit about having Blu-Ray.
Sure, they have a HD-DVD add on, but HD-DVD is not in good shape at the moment, and its not even for games, but just for movies. Even when you do purchase the add on, then it comes to the same price as the PS3, so the price argument becomes non-existant.
Thats not to say we dont have a ton of excellent games coming our way.
MGS, Mercs, RE, GT, Killzone 2, DMC, Getaway, 8 Days, SOCOM 4 and GoW (God Of War) to list just a few.
There are a lot of others too. And those are just exclusives !
Then there are the ports, of which many 360 games are coming to PS3...

scriptkiddie4895d ago

If you wait , when there is a clear format winner then HD /blu-ray players will be cheap. Kind of like you can buy a DVD player for $50.00 now. So when you say that buying a PS3 because it is a cheap blu-ray player is a good idea, i would have to disagree. Also depending on who wins the format war you might be stuck with a lot of worthless movies. best to wait.