Blizzard Wants You To Vote: Decide Which Dark Templar You Want In StarCraft II

Today Blizzard announced a chance for the Starcraft community to vote which tribe of the protoss dark templar will represent in the upcoming game's multiplayer matches. A favorite unit from the Starcraft community, the dark templar are psionic warriors known for their deadly attacks and invisibility technique. Voters can choose either the Lenassa tribe, the new tribe called the Zer'atai, or have both spawn randomly in the game. Voting will close on Febuary 5.

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Hellsvacancy4197d ago

I don care just give me StarCraft 2 soon

Daver4197d ago

i agree release it already... but ill take both templars

FantasyStar4197d ago

They'll pick the more popular Dark Templar to be included in the retail packaging of SCII, while they leave the other Dark Templar to be DLC Content later in life.

Daver4197d ago


i dont think so, i think when you will 'make' the unit it will be one of they templar, its going to be 50/50

protekjv4197d ago

with Hellsvacancy. Just gives us the game, with both templars.

burgercomic254197d ago

From the community manager at the official forums:

"After hearing many concerns about the art model of the Dark Templar, the StarCraft II Art Team has decided to let the community decide which should be in the multiplayer game."