The first 10 minutes: Crackdown part 2

Here is some more Crackdown footage from a part of the map that wasn't available in the demo. XBOXYDE chose to show the "Tetris Docks" of the Volk Island because it's a quite fun environment, and it shows the rocket launcher in action!

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OutpostCommand4895d ago

A 360 exclusive eh ?
I viewed the video, and I can confirm it is one of the worst next gen games I have seen to date.
Still, its just my opinion...maybe you find the graphics attractive.

InMyOpinion4895d ago (Edited 4895d ago )

The graphics look great and no other sandbox game moves as smooth. I don't get it, is it the graphic celshaded style that makes you think it looks ugly? From a tech point of view it looks better than most games released so far. It has very sharp textures and a draw distance that never ends. Try scaling a tall building, then watch the view and tell me it looks crap...