Forza Motorsport Review – A Successful Turn | Press Start

Press Start writes: "There’s a lot to like about the new Forza Motorsport, then, but there are a few things that hold this title from back being truly excellent. While significant improvements have been made to the experience of racing when it comes to visuals, physics and audio – the AI drivers are a different story. Almost entirely unpredictable at times, the AI will consistently disrespect the racing line, side-slam your car and even brake check you during races."

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Forza Motorsport Review -- Gamerhub UK

Turn 10 Studios rules the road once more.

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Forza Motorsport Review - Eurogamer.cz

So how did the reboot of the racing series turn out after six years?

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Markdn42d ago

Nice review and a fair outcome. I'm really enjoying the new forza, but defo not built from ground up. And hardly a step forward.

Father__Merrin42d ago

Been playing this a while now it's not as good as previous games. Even the menues are bland it's got some very old car models there and even in performance mode seems to have an aggressive motion blur. Not impressed at all

SirBruce41d ago

A RTX 4070 should run this game with no problem at 4K/60 RT and everything at ultra... please, fix it ASAP Turn10, it is still like a beta.


Forza Motorsport players slam “terrible” AI compared to Horizon

Forza Motorsport has attracted plenty of criticism from fans, and a comparison of its AI with Forza Horizon 5 has taken it even further.

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Jin_Sakai44d ago

Talk about a step backwards. And nearly 6 years in the making. It’s like Xbox studios complete with each other on making the worst games possible.

44d ago
TheColbertinator42d ago

Playground Games is becoming the better studio with more fun games in mind.

VariantAEC41d ago

Don't know why people are disagreeing, PGG definitely has the potential to be better, at the very least, PGG is making some of Microsoft's most polished games.

Reaper22_42d ago

Another bogus Forza claim from the same website. Just move on people.

42d ago
VariantAEC41d ago

What's funny is this is how FM's AI has always been. Literally every single fanboy remark made against GT games since the very beginning of FM in 2005 was BS to pump up FM games and make GT look like crud.
This isn't hyperbole. Microsoft created Turn 10 to make Xbox's version of GT.
Like most stuff MS attempts... it just didn't work out.

jznrpg42d ago

It’s clear there is little AI for Forza just on rails go around the track and if there’s a car in front of it they will go right through it like it’s not there.

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