War in Gaza Provokes Protest (And Conversation) In Second Life Israel

In a story posted yesterday, New World Notes reporter Wagner James Au, a.k.a. Hamlet, spoke with Beth Odets, one of the creators of Second Life Israel. She told him that there were "lots of people yelling… obscenities about murderous Israeli forces" and after evicting the most unruly protesters, she finally had to close the area to outsiders.

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Rikitatsu4193d ago

Israel Bombed a school killing 40 civilians, and there was a report by the UN that clearly states no one from hamas there.

4193d ago
lord_of_balrogs4193d ago

Maybe if Hamas didn't hide in the city and use civilians as meat-shields there would be a lot less casualties. And it has been reported by by-standers that there were 2-4 Hamas militants firing rockets from the schools parking lot.

Ninja-Sama4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

but killing 30-40 children to get 1-2 people could never be right in ANY scenario. What Israel is doing is nothing short of a massacre, and you'd have to be blind and have a complete disregard for human life to think otherwise.

Joyvale4192d ago

They are in my opinion both at fault. But the retaliation of Isreal is a bit to much. Hamas lauches rockets, that are nowhere near as precise as those that Israel can launch, wich unfortunatly can kill sometimes 2-3 people (and can injure quite some people). So what does Israel do?, a full attack with aviation, artillery, tanks, ground troupes, cutting electricity barely letting aid in or moving around safely in gaza (2 UN aide workers died today because of Israely military), with people not having any shelter (those of the UN are not strong enough against the Israely artillery (the UN said so) and not being able to leave Gaza (they're basicly trapped in there). Hamas is using human shield, but when the military aims at a school (wich are know to be shelters for families) I see that as Israels fault, and of course Hamas is migling in the population (it's a sort of guerrila, not an army with distinct uniforms going to battle face to face, as they know they will be crushed then). My grief is only that the fight is just disproportionate.
It is difficult to say who is wrong or right (their actions (killing people) are for both parties just wrong). For Palestinians Israel is the ennemy that came and took their land (it's still an occupying force, how would you like if the english came to the US as an occupying force. Would you fight? Denie the right of the Uk over the US? Would you start a sort of guerrila?) I think that's how some palestinians see it (in their eyes they are 100 percent right). While Israel is trying to preserve itself, and as any other government would do is retaliating against those that wish it's destruction (wich is normal and every country would of course do the same to protect it's citizens and state).
So they are both to blame, even though is this current situation, I think Israel is exaggerating (700 deaths? and 3000 wounded for a population of only 1.5 million ( the US goes all around the world because of 2000 deaths (of 300 million), so what do you think the palestinians will think. Israel is making a very bad strategy. Those attack will only reinforce the extremist crazy suicidal guys, who out of desperation and revenge are ready to do anything)(and not only in Gaza but in the whole Muslim world, where more people will embrace the ways of al quayda. Seriously I think this was a serious lack of judgment on Israels behalff. What they should have done is what they usualy do. Make some quick retalition after each attack (thay can, and used to make some really presize targetting with their strickes aiming some leaders of Hamas, but now with a war its always bound to go bad.)
They are both wrong and unfortunatly, what happens there might have some latter repercussions on Israels and its allies.
All we can do now is pray for those who died on both sides and hope a truce will end this stupid war.

PS: I'm not taking any sides here (if I might seem to lean towards Palestinians, its only so that some here might get the Palestians view of the situation (not saying those are mine!). In the middle eastern conflict I'm neutral (like Switzerland), as I'm neither a Palestinian or Israely so it should not concern me, but I do have a friend in the Israely army (as a reservist) so I really hope it ends soon so that he won't be called to fight.

cmrbe4192d ago

that's how i see it as well. I blame Israel more though for being stupid.

According to them this whole offensive is to make Hama's think twice about fireing rockets into Israel i.e to secure security for Israel but they are only playing into Hama's hands.

The truth is Israel will never be able to stop Hamas from fiering rockets into Israel as the only solution is a political one. Not military. In the process this offensive has solidify Hama's position in Palestine. Now more than ever the palestine public including those that didn't support them before see Hama's as the only one able to standup to Israel with Israel being the aggrassor.

In the end. Israel's goal of securing security with this offensive will not be met and more hatered from the plaestinians because of this will even make matters worse for them. Then on top of this. The international community is certainly not happy with Israel as well.

Dumb move.

Graphics Whore4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Israel keeps shooting rockets into Gaza just to provoke them, their just trying to start up war. Hamas did some rotten things too, but their woefully out numbered, it doesn't help that Israel and Egypt's Prime Ministers are supporting 'eradication' of the Palestinians.

An Israelian officer walked up to a 13 year old girl, shot her 5 times in the face in a crowded outside sitting and walked away, stating "I don't care if she was 10 or 3 year's old, I would've done the exact same thing".

This war isn't even fair, the Israelites are using some heavy fire power too provided by your one and only U.S. of A.

Experimental biological chemical weapons? D.I.M.E. Weaponary that Israel got from USA is something to be worried about, not only that Israel has nuclear capabilities, if that doesn't scare you then what does. Israel is becoming extremists they even blew up a UN caravan carrying supplies, why? What is the purpose of that? They want war.

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panasonic234193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

i believe this site is news for gamers wtf any way QQcrybaby is right

badz1494193d ago

come on now! Those bastards attacks what the want and killing who ever they want! they attacked school full of kids, attacked refugee's camps and even UN deligates! even wars have rules and those bastards are raping the rules from every angle! don't say that we are gamers and we should shut eyes and play deaf when things like this happen!

deeznuts4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

badz149, we understand war is ugly, but no need to call those Hamas militants bastards on a gaming site.

I hate war but if you start firing missiles at my family everyone in your house better watch out. Especially if they voted you in.

ZootHornRollo4193d ago

israel is killing people for no reason this isnt hammas vs israel.

learn to watch real news

Graphics Whore4192d ago

You should care about the world you live in, especially when their such a big threat.

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xlg4193d ago

Hamas start it and NOW they are blaming Israel. Can somebody tell me this sh!t start? So what israel have to do? Sit back and see how they trow rockets on his backyard? FOR HOW LONG????!!!! When nobody its doing Sh!t about it NO BODY COMPLAINED THEN RIGHT ?!!!! but now he react in a way to make sure no more HAMAS on the zone and now israel its the BAD guy!

Before you make a post MAKE SURE YOU HAVE KNOWLEDGE of the situation with hamas!!! EVERYBODY ITS BLAMMING ISRAEL bUT ALL this Bast4rds for many years now have been trying to trow them to the sea. BUT HEY OPEN YOUR EYES theres a force behind all this watch Endgame.

Rikitatsu4193d ago

They kicked them from their houses, Killed them, and done so many horrible things them. And you say Hamas started it? You're an IDIOT.

rhood0224193d ago

Except it's not about who started it. This conflict is one of many that is based on one simple reason: It's about the battle of the idea of predestination and theological rights against the realities of imminent domain (not the legal use but the anthropological understanding) and cultural ties.

The truth is, Israel exists because of a political move by British, French, the League of Nations and then the United Nations. The British and French occupation following the end of the Ottoman Empire set up a de facto Arab state yet paved the way for increased conditional Jewish immigration into the region--largely as a result of growing antisemitism in Europe. Eventually the Jewish and Arab populations reached a sort of equilibrium with the Jews even creating it's own political force.

After WW II, the UN decided to make an Arab AND Jewish state with Jerusalem controlled by the UN. This idea was supported by every UN member, including the Palestine Jewish political party, except the Arab League and the British. As protests erupted at the passage of this plan, Jewish leaders used the discord to claim "Israel" as an independent state. Think of it as Lincoln enacting emancipation for the South despite having no legal weight behind see, the South was no longer apart of the US and such an edict by a foreign president is worthless. But since the US, USSR and other major powers recognized Israel, protests were worthless. Hence the 1948 war.

Now, imagine living in a land for thousands of years and then, with a stroke of a pen, have your land partitioned by a group that co-opted power through various international agents and just given away. Is it that much of a stretch to see WHY things are the way they are?

GiantEnemyLobster4192d ago

^If you have committed the above statement, you are in fact a failure as a human.

gametheory4192d ago

I usually consider your gaming views very balanced and I agree with you on a lot of things. But you couldn't be more one-sided on this one. If you actually want to know *who* started it, then look back to the early 20s. That's when arabs started attacking jewish villages in the so called "holy land".

Were those attacks justified? Who knows, maybe arabs felt threatened by recently immigrated jews from russia that fled the pogroms (vicious lynching attacks by russian mobs against jewish villages, systematically organized by the government). But again, that land wasn't even the palestinian's, that was british land. It was called palestine by some because the Romans decided to call it that way in Homage to the philistines (which don't even exist anymore and didn't since before the romans existed). There was no such thing as a "palestinian" back then.

But again, jews arrived peacefully. They were actually contributing to the Middle Eastern economy. In fact, they cleaned up their own holy Wailing wall of all the trash and piss that muslims kept throwing, which is ironic considering that today they conveniently consider it holy land (lmao @ the irony). They also turned the land from huge swamps and deserts into a tropical environment filled with a lot of vegetation; they actually used a special sort of tree to dry up the swamps. Jews actually made that land the true "Land of milk and honey" as they used to say back then. "Palestinians" (which weren't called that back then) were so ungrateful that they chose to attack the jewish villages and kibbutzim every now and then. That's when the jews realized it was gonna be tough to live with arabic neighbors.

Anyway, by the time of the israeli independence day, nobody was happy with what they got. The UN made a very retarded division of the land that would have instantly fell to arab domination had it remained with that division. So jews weren't satisfied with that. Arabs weren't satisfied either, they wanted the land as a whole for them even though they had done nothing for that land, at least not in comparison to what the jews did, which was establish most of the economy. So they went to war. However, most arabic nations decided to launch an attack at the same time the state of israel was born, so the odds were against the jews yet again, but they managed to succeed by sacrificing 10% of their own (60,000 jews out of 600,000).

The war ended and there was armistice. Israel and the rest of arabic "nations" agreed to make an exchange of citizens. The arabic nations would send them their jews, while Israel would give them the muslims in return. Just like some arabs were forced to leave, jews were also forced to leave. There were millions of jews in muslim nations, now there are a just a few thousands. So there are no innocents here. Blame US, the UN, Europe, the germans, jews or the arabs, it's everybody's problem.

However, there's another problem here. If there was some sort of "palestinian" identity, why did they not become independent while under the rule of Egypt AND Jordan? The answer is, there was no interest on any of the parties. "Palestinians" were probably okay under "Egyptian" and "Jordanian" rule, and the later two probably didn't give a sh1t. It wasn't until Arabs decided to yet again attack israel that the jews had to take over land in order to exchange it for peace. That's when it somehow it became Israel's "responsibility", even though nobody knew anything about the palestinian identity. It wasn't until the arabic neighbors remembered that they rather see their enemies die rather than their own children live that they re-invented themselves as palestinians rather than just arabs. And sh1t hit the fan and here we are today with a three decade conflict and counting (or 100 year old conflict, or millenial conflict, depending on who you ask).

Anyway, I think I would prefer a single state solution, but arabs will always be arabs and jews will be jews so neither will probably accept it. Two state is a sh1tty solution because fragmenting a single state in two is ridiculous, and even more if you plan to build a bridge between the two portions. Three states would be better: Israel, Gaza and Cis-Jordan.

However, I think the best thing would be for the jews to just get out of there even if they have the right to be there. It would definitely be a class act on their part to leave for the pacific ocean to an island of their own, where there are probably more natural resources than in Israel. Not only that, but they won't have to deal with savages like they have to do now. That way jews are happy, and so will be the savages. Everyone wins, no need for WWIII to happen.

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vlazed4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

Hamas was democratically elected. So no, they are not a terrorist organization. According to U.S. standards anyway.

The Great Melon4193d ago

Just because someone is elected doesn't negate the fact that they are corrupt.

cmrbe4193d ago

No govt is free from corruption.

NewYork2144193d ago

israel just thinks it can do what it wants because america is its bitcchh. and i have no clue why. i stopped trying to understand all of this crap

Mike Ox Big4192d ago

that's a good impulse, now stop speaking as if you do understand it.

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