More Battlefield Play-For-Free Titles In The Works

EA developers from the South Korean firm Neowiz have hinted at the possibility that another play-for-free Battlefield title could be in the works for release later this year.

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Speed-Racer4200d ago

Loooking forward to this.

Bnet3434200d ago

This was suppose to release in the summer EA ... geez ...

Mozilla894200d ago

When is this supposed to come out? Looks kinda cool.

TheIneffableBob4200d ago

It's coming out this year. The beta was pretty good. Not many features were implemented yet, but the core gameplay was fun.

Bender10014200d ago

That's all well and good...but how about getting the first one released?

rucky4200d ago

Where the hell is this game?

IzKyD13314200d ago

Just release Battlefield: Heroes first, then talk about other games. It was supposed to release in the summer of last year, than it was delayed to "Late in 2008" and now it's just Spring 2009

VMAN_014200d ago

Its great that they plan to release more free games however I hope they make some sort of announcement for Battlefield 3 on PC.

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