xBot dictates Xbox 360 controller, racks up gamer points

So what's the xBot? It's an automated Xbox 360 button pusher to get Perfect Dark Zero's two most tedious achievements: 1000 Death Match Games and 1000 Dark Ops Games worth 30 gamer points each (60 total). Both of these Achievements were successfully obtained by the xBot without having to sit there and push buttons for 40-50 some-odd hours. While it's running its course, nothing needs to be touched.

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Booneral4885d ago

Someone stop achievements! People going crazy!

Ravenator5294885d ago

I love my 360 and I think that achievement points are great. But this is just idiotic.

Booneral4885d ago

I think that achievement points are great too, yet this is simply not right! and what? he did all this for two achievements? I'd like to see him try and build a bot to get all Gears of War achievements.

Havince4885d ago

Thats just damn sad

Pefect dark was a release game and over a year later NO GAME has achivments with as much lifespan.

I mean, last week my bro went on perfect dark for 1st time in like 4 months, and after a 2nd game of infection got me the 1000 infected players achivment. i t was such a suprise was really happy lol